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History ­ Vietnam
Vietnam Time Line

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Whole of South East Asia is covered by a French colony ­ Indochina (except Thailand)
In 1945 there is a revolt against the French that carries until 1954
o In 1949 the Viet Minh were backed by China (Mao ­ communist)
o The US backed the French with $500million…

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They were corrupt and unpopular and would persecute Buddhist peasants

Viet Cong Creation
Ho Chi Minh creates the National Liberation Front (NLF) for South Vietnam in 1960
Americans called them the Viet Cong
They fought with Guerrilla Warfare ­ using natural features of the land ­ e.g. tunnels and traps…

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Refused to give in and had high morale ­ they accepted huge losses and kept fighting
The Viet Cong were ruthless and killed peasants who opposed them ­ keeping many on their side out of fear
However they helped supportive peasants ­ and gained support of communism
The Viet Cong…

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The Battalion that were involved had suffered 28 incidents of mines and booby traps causing many injuries
and 5 deaths
They were told that My Lai was suspected of harbouring many Viet Cong's and they were asked to burn
houses and destroy crops
The night before they were told that…

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Later Stages
T.V. was taking over as the more important source of news ­ so more shockingly raw images of the war
were shown
o E.g. execution of Viet Cong member and casual violence on the T.V
Innovation meant that smaller cameras could be taken closer to the action

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Peace Agreement Negotiations
In 1972, Kissinger worked out a peace agreement with the North Vietnamese
But South Vietnam Government refused to sign it ­ they feared abandonment by the Americans
o Because this the North Vietnamese walked away from the agreement
In 1973 Nixon stepped up the bombing of North…

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