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Rediscovery of original Greek or Latin texts led to a rebirth of old ideas.
People started to ignore Galen and other authors and even burn their books
in order to start from scratch.
Printing had been invented and so medical books were…

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He proved this and demonstrated that blood could only move in one way by
simple experiments which involved highlighting the way in which valves
prevented blood from flowing in the opposite direction.

Pare & Surgery

He was born in France in 1510 as the son of a barber-surgeon. He worked…

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meant Vesalius' books (Tabulae Sex + Fabric of the Human Body) could be universally
available. By change he came across skeleton which enabled him to make these advances
and transformed the way anatomy was taught with public dissections and observation.

Pare and developments in surgery ­ believed the patient's wellbeing…


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