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Jenner & Inoculation

People attempted to infect themselves by catching smallpox of somebody
who had a mild form of it. The hoped that they would become immune to it.
Through observation he discovered the local belief that milkmaids who had
caught cowpox never caught…

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Pasteur was determined to outdo Koch and win some pride back for France
after a defeat in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71.
He was asked to investigate Chicken Cholera in 1880 a disease which was
sweeping through the chicken population and potentially ruining the delicate
French economy.
By change one…

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It is thought that the mould came from a nearby exotic plant research unit
and by chance it had come to be in the culture dishes.
After testing it on animals he discovered that it was effective at killing deadly
germs including anthrax and diphtheria. However he was unable to…

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are unappreciated as Fleming is the person famous for Penicillin, when Florey and Chain
probably gave more to its development.


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