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Rome's huge empire could only be maintained by a fit and healthy army and
so this provided a motive to improve medical knowledge.
Did not carry out much research as to the cause or cure of disease and
cleverly focused on prevention rather…

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Became experts on practical first aid and external surgery through treating
gladiators and soldiers.
Developed Caesarean section to save a baby's life, however the mother
always died.
Still, surgery was limited by lack of antiseptics and anaesthetics.

Public Health

Through empirical observation (focusing on the things they knew) they…

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The Romans and public health ­ Drained swamps (reduce Malaria), built aqueducts
(plenty of fresh water to wash and drink), built public toilets with flowing water,
public baths kept the rich healthy. Keeping population healthy was important for army

Galen's ideas about physiology, anatomy and treatment ­ used animal…


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