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Religion, Poverty and Wealth ­ Answers
1. Absolute Poverty: Where people lack the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter
2. Relative Poverty: The inability to participate fully in the society in which you live due to financial constraints
3. Key differences between rich and poor countries:…

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Teach people new skills so they can have a self sufficient future
Are not only abroad, but help homeless and unemployed in the UK as well
12. Charity is not only raising money to help others. It also means kindness, generosity and consideration. In
Christianity it refers specifically to `agape'…

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In the UK, people can appeal to the government for help. We might be the last hope for people in developing
Unfair laws and unsafe lending by Western countries caused many of the problems in the developing world

17. There are certain industries and companies that Christians would consider…


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