OCR Christianity GCSE: Human Relationships, Medical Ethics and Poverty and Wealth Revision PowerPoint

OCR Christianity GCSE: Human Relationships, Medical Ethics and Poverty and Wealth Revision PowerPoint

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and Ethics
Ethics and
Short…read more

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Relationships…read more

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· All Christians believe that Marriage should be for the rest of the couple's life.
· This means that if a married couple argue and separate they cannot under this teaching obtain
a divorce and marry someone else. This is the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, but not
many other Christian Churches such as Anglicans and Methodists.
What is meant by marriage?
Marriage is the legal joining together of a man and a woman for life to the exclusion of all
others.…read more

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The Christian
Common features:
Marriage Ceremony
· The Greeting/Welcome: the leader of the ceremony greets the congregation and explains the
purpose of the wedding. The purpose is the joining together of the engaged couple in a
relationship which is intended to mirror the union between Christ (the groom) and His Church
(the bride). The congregation are there to witness the marriage vows as a Christian community
of relations and friends.
· Declaration: The bride and groom are called upon to make a declaration that they are willing
and free to marry each other. The solemnly promise to love and honour and be faithful to each
other, to support each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in
health until death parts them on earth.
· Exchange rings: The bride and groom exchange rings of precious metal. The symbolizes their
willingness to share and wealth they may have on earth, and the circular shape of the rings
symbolises the unending and self-sustaining nature of the love they offer each other.
· Scripture readings: There are often scripture readings appropriate to the ceremony, on the
theme of love or recounting the Marriage Feast at Cana and the special honour Christ did to the
couple by changing water into wine.…read more

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Signing the Marriage Register: The bride and groom will sign the legally binding Marriage
Register, which must be legally witnessed by two guests.
· Wearing a white wedding dress: Often, the bride will wear white to symbolise the purity of
her love for her husband, and will have bridesmaids helping with her dress, veil and flowers
during the ceremony. In some countries confetti or rice is thrown over the couple; sweets may
be distributed to guests; money may be pinned as presents to the bride's dress.
Other wedding customs may vary according to the Christian culture, but there are
basic common beliefs about Marriage. These are that:
· The union of a man and woman in married couple was the purpose of God from the beginning,
as recounted in Gen 2: 18-24
· A man and a woman must undertake marriage of their own free choice, and not because they
are forced into by their families
· Marriage is meant to be monogamous between one man and one woman only
· Marriage is meant to be for life
·Marriage is the traditional basis of the family and is believed by Christians to offer the best
framework in which to bear and nurture children.…read more

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Christian teachings
on Marriage
· The Roman Catholic Church holds the view that marriage is one of the 7 sacraments (a symbol
of the bond God creates with people. In marriage, the love between a husband and wife shows
something of the love of God.
· Roman Catholic priests must be celibate and chaste. This allows them to dedicate themselves
to their work. In most other Churches the leader is allowed to marry.
· The Church of England teaches that marriage is a gift from God.
Christians believe that marriage is very important because within marriage, people learn about
and express love, forgiveness, tolerance, comforting each other, celebrating together,
appreciating each other's qualities, and thinking about the well-being of another person. They
believe that through marriage, they learn more about God, because "God is love".…read more

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