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British History - Timeline 1836-1851
1836 Taxes on Newspapers lowered 1842 Mines act passed
1836 Marriage Act allowed Nonconformists and 1842 Peel re-introduced income tax and cut
Catholics to marry in their own churches. many tariffs on import
1837 Northern Star newspaper started in Leeds 1842 May: Second Chartist petition rejected by
by Feargus O'Connor parliament
1837 Introduction of new Poor law into the 1842 Chadwick's report on sanitary conditions
North of England
1837 King William IV dies and was succeeded 1842 August: 'Plug' strikes and riots
by Queen Victoria
1837-38 Anti-poor law campaign 1843 John Bright elected to parliament
1838 May: Publication of the 'people's charter' 1844 factory act passed
and launch of the charter in Glasgow
1838 August-October: Mass meetings elected 1845 Chartist land plan started
delegates to chartist convention
1838 Anti-Corn law League was founded 1845 Irish famine
1839 February: National Convention met in 1846 June: Repeal of the Corn laws
1839 July: First Chartist petition rejected by 1847 Ten Hours act
parliament which was followed by
Birmingham riots
1839 September: Chartist convention broke up 1848 Public health act
1839 Newport rising 1850 Death of Sir Robert Peel
1840 National Charter association set up 1851 Great exhibition.
1841 Conservatives won the general election
1841 Richard Cobden elected to parliament



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