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LLOYD GEORGE 1918-1922
Effect of war on Parties/ Coupon election 1918
Some Domestic policy- 200,000 homes built under Addison but £/ 800,000 not built
Industrial Relations- Trade unions and workers relations not good- Gedders axe
National insurance- not equipped for long term unemployment
Minority government
Foreign policy (Versailles/ chanak)
Leadership style/ corruption
Declining reputation of coalition- calton club
1922- Conservative win with labour increase also. Liberal down- electoral system…read more

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Bonar Law takes control- Reduces debts to USA, economy still bad
Chamberlains housing act
Baldwin takes over after 1923 election
Protectionism- takes a vote, fails and walks
Liberals issue rallying cry
Election- conservative still win but no coalition- let labour burn themselves out
Labour form 1924
Labour Rise and Labour fall- why?
Why labour?…read more

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Took power as a minority needed liberal support (no radical policy) Wanted to identify as a political force,
rid ideas of communism, implement socialism
Wheatelys housing act- built in Chamberlain- rent only (poor)
Unemployment insurance- better- more for working class from Gedders axe
Foregin policy- Dawes plan, international relations, USSR/GB relations- symbolic
Zinoviev letter crisis
Campbell case
Inexperience/ couldn't break ties with active trade unions (£) who wanted control
Economy dire- didn't address unemployment that much and not a national party
1924 election- labour go down but have a good vote number, cons win, libs out!…read more

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Overlooked due to General strike. Had to tackle unemployment
Chamberlain in health and Chamberlain in Foreign policy! Churchill as exchequer
Foreign Policy ­Locarno, kellog-Briand pack, world relations (austen) USSR- Spy
Chamberlains reforms- BBC, electricity, unemployment insurance, contributory old age pensions,
widows pensions, Local government act (no more poor law local guardians poor area and more
local government power)
Churchill back on Gold standard- less exports no jobs= bad! Churchill clueless
Safety first campaign failed, run out of steam, nothing new to offer- reforms in 1929 in the past,
general strike
1929- indecisive as Labour get a crack for the second time under Macdonald. Labour and liberal
increase but liberal couldn't put it into seats…read more

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1926 but had been brewing for years. Miners (MFGB) exploitation bad conditions, bad pay, bad
relation with mine owners as seen in Sankey commission
Economic situation- gold standard, mining industry unprofitable. Mine owners react by putting
wages down and hours up. Red Friday- bought itself time by offering tempory subsides
Samuel commission saw that needed reconstruction/ tempory cut . Miners say no- call on TUC
mine owners lock out.
Close to agreement when daily mail printers fiasco. Government opportunity- TUC strike
Fails because volunteers, press, general feeling, preparation, TUC not prepared. Over within
weeks but miners continue for a while. Overall failure!
Consequence- trade disputes act- even more twisted and anger…read more

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