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Name Year What did it do?

Act of Union 1800 In 1798 there was a revolt against British rule in Ireland. After it had been put down the British government decided to bring Ireland
under closer control. The act of Union, In 1800 abolished the Irish parliament in Dublin, from…

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Repeal of the 1824 In 1799 and 1800, at the height of the war with France, the government had banned trade unions, or combinations of working men.
Combinations 20 years later, a campaign was launched by radical MP Francis Place to repeal the Combination law and thus make it legal…

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The Third December The Whigs introduced a third reform bill and it passed the commons with a 2:1 majority. In April 1832 Earl Grey introduced
Reform Bill 1831 - June the bill in the house of lords. On the 15th of April the Lords passed the new bill but it…

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The public 1848 The Main points of the Act were: 1. it established a general board of health, with three members, one of whom was
Health Act Chadwick. 2. The Board had the power to establish local boards of health if there was a petition from at least 10% of…




Fantastic set of revision notes for this subject - highly recommended!

Megan K


I think it is well set out, but when set out it looks vacant- personally i would have included Luddism etc. well formed and good statistics.



This document is purely for the acts, laws and statutes of the period. Luddism was a concept and ideology of the Luddites. 

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