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AS History Mussolini Revision Guide (OCR)

How effectively did the Liberals deal with the preWW1 problems in Italy?

Problem Dealt with it well Didn't deal with it well
Economic Neutral in industrial disputes and Northsouth industry divide increased industry in the north
encouraged negotiating south still far behind and felt…

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Giolitti extended the vote to all men transformismo couldn't be used, had little knowledge of politics
over 30 in 1912 upset liberals who feared increased church or worker influence

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What was the most significant effect of WW1 on Italy?
Effect Major significance Less significant
Economic Unemployment caused people to join extreme groups to occupy their time and Wartime
increase employment industries caused
Inflation prices 4x higher in 1918 than in 1914 people couldn't afford products, economic boom during

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What was the most significant factor that caused Mussolini to get into power in 1922?
Factor Major significance Less significant
Mussolini Copied D'Annunzio to make Fascism seem like a military movement black Mussolini almost lost
shirts, fascist salute control of the fascists by
Used Il Popolo to get publicity trying…

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Fear of · Success of 1917 Bolshevik revolution Not everyone feared the
Socialism · Land redistribution land given to peasants, authorised by the Liberals Socialists as they came
· Factory occupations in September 1920 first in the 1919 and 1921
· Socialist food riots forced authorities to impose price controls…

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How effectively did Mussolini consolidate power after 1922?
(Was Mussolini a true dictator?)

Threatening Effectively consolidated (Mussolini was a true dictator) Less effectively consolidated
group (Mussolini wasn't a true
Existing In 1925, Mussolini passed the Leggi Fascistissime which 75% of those tried in
organisations banned free trade unions special…

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and by forming a coalition government where only four out of The Concordat was part
fourteen senior ministers were fascists of the Lateran Treaty (1929) where
Mussolini persuaded parliament to grant him emergency Catholicism was recognised as the
powers for a year. Hence he could pass any law he wanted…

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Did Mussolini's domestic economic policies succeed?
Policy Succeeded Failed
State intervention The IMI was set up to support banks Italy did not escape the depression.
and overcome so Italy was not as badly affected by the A number of large companies collapsed.
the depression depression as many other countries. Car…

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useable) resulted in huge areas of land being By 1940, only 20% of Italy's raw material
drained (e.g. the Pontine Marches) and needs were met by domestic production.
created jobs. Imports of meat and eggs increased.
New cities were built in the drained The Battle of the Marshes was a…

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Did Mussolini's domestic social policies succeed?
Policy Succeeded Failed
Cult of Il The Cult of Il Duce seemed to be The Cult of Il Duce was a scam.
Duce successful because opinions towards Mussolini were Mussolini would leave the light on while he
generally positive compared to the dislike of…


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