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History Revision Germany 193363

KQ4 ­ How far did Western democratic structures (political, economic and social)
succeed in the Federal Republic?

KQ4 Pages
Key terms 1
The western zones 194549 14
The Basic Law (Constitution of FRG) 45
The emergence of political parties 5
Multiparty system into vanishing opposition 6…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o Many families had to live in old bunkers and ruined houses without any
sanitation or heating. And those people with undamaged houses had to take in
refugees or bombed out families, so that each one often had no more than
one room at its…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o In the course of a year a series of talks among the allies tried to determine a
basis of economic cooperation.
o In reality they underlined the emerging differences between Britain and the
US, on the one hand and the USSR and France on…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o The German currency, the Reichmark, had been severely distorted by Nazi
policies and the effects of the war, and so in the years after 1945 the
currency was no the base for economic stability because
The financing of the war had created inflation and there…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o The FRG was a federal state
o The Länder retained considerable power over regional affair
o They were represented in the upper chamber, Bundesrat
o Members of the lower chamber, the Bundestag were elected by a complex
voting system that combined proportional representation and FPTP…

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History Revision Germany 193363

Multiparty system into vanishing opposition

Why did West German politics develop form a multiparty system to one of a
vanishing opposition?
o The constitutional emphasis on commitment to the `free democratic basic
order' and determination to not let democracy be destroyed by democratic
means as the…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o There was a slight decrease in the CDU vote

Foreign policy
Western integration
o Adenauer aimed to make the FRG indispensible to the western powers
o 1949 FRG joined the OEEC (precursor of the EU) political alliance
o 1855 FRG joined NATO military alliance


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History Revision Germany 193363

The Western economy

The `Economic Miracle'
Ludwig Erhard ­ Minster of trade and industry and author of "prosperity for all"

What is meant by `Social market economy'?
o Erhard's view that the aim of the `social market economy' lay in rising
consumption and economic growth

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History Revision Germany 193363

Social changes

1) Standard of living
2) Attitudes to politics
3) Lifestyles
4) Structures of society

1) Standard of living
o 40 hours working week with increasingly longer holidays by 1965
o Up till 1955 only 11% of people owned a fridge, by 162 63% owned…

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History Revision Germany 193363

o Signs of globalisation and American culture influenced young people
o Jeans, rock and roll, chewing gum and coca cola
o Rebellion against traditional values by teenagers, `teddy boys' led to riots

4) Structures of society
o Population grew to 58.6 million in 1965 and 11.1…




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