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History Revision Germany 193363
KQ4 ­ How far did Western democratic structures (political, economic and social)
succeed in the Federal Republic?
KQ4 Pages
Key terms 1
The western zones 194549 14
The Basic Law (Constitution of FRG) 45
The emergence of political parties 5
Multiparty system into vanishing opposition 6
Adenauer 191463 6
Wiedergutmachung `Overcoming the Nazi 7
The Western economy 78
Social changes 9
Key terms
West Germany
FRG Federal Republic of Germany
BRD Bundesrepublik Deutschland
East Germany
GDR German Democratic Republic
DDR Deutsche Demokratische
The western zones 194549
1) Basic problems and basic solutions
2) Economic revival
3) The Marshall plan
4) Currency reform ­ the Deutschemark
1) Basic Problems and Basic solutions
The soviets in the East had already set their own agenda, and so the immediate
problem for the Western allies was to make sure that the German population
could survive the next winder and restart economic life to sustain the millions of
needy as well
Structure of the system of the occupied zones
o As each zone was administered individually, each occupying power had to take
care of food, shelter, heating, medical service etc. this proved particularly
difficult in the north and west of Germany under the British. As most heavily
industrialised areas, they had the densest population and many of the worst
damaged cities
o The French also sought to extract as much as they could from Germany and
the Saar was again controlled
o The Soviets continued to demand the payment of the additional reparations
out of the Western Zones as laid down in Potsdam

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History Revision Germany 193363
o Many families had to live in old bunkers and ruined houses without any
sanitation or heating.…read more

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History Revision Germany 193363
o In the course of a year a series of talks among the allies tried to determine a
basis of economic cooperation.…read more

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History Revision Germany 193363
o The German currency, the Reichmark, had been severely distorted by Nazi
policies and the effects of the war, and so in the years after 1945 the
currency was no the base for economic stability because
The financing of the war had created inflation and there was far too much
money in circulation for the few goods that were available
The inflation was hidden by the stateregulated economy of the Nazi's,
which continued as the allies tried to control prices, wags…read more

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History Revision Germany 193363
o There was a slight decrease in the CDU vote
Foreign policy
Western integration
o Adenauer aimed to make the FRG indispensible to the western powers
o 1949 FRG joined the OEEC (precursor of the EU) political alliance
o 1855 FRG joined NATO military alliance
Rejection of the East
o Adenauer rejected notes fm Stalin in 1952 about a possible reunified and
neutral Germany
o He ignored the uprising in the GDR in June 1953 despite calls for help from the…read more

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this is so amazing! my whole class have read your britain and german notes, you are famous :P thank you!!!! 


I'm now at University in my final year studying History and Sociology BA at University of Manchester and somehow stumbled back upon my old notes to find your comment! I am truly flattered and you are so welcome! haha


you. saved. my life. im studying history in India and had no resources for the as. thank you!


can I just say your Germany and Britain AS notes have saved my life! They are amazing and so helpful so thanks soo much!

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