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British History - Timeline 1795-1835
1795 Introduction of the Speenhamland system 1830 June: King George IV dies; William IV
came to the throne
1810-11 Luddite risings 1830 November: Whigs form a government
1815-20 The radical campaign in the country 1830 start of the 10hrs movement
1815 End of the war with France 1830-31 Swing riots
1815 Corn laws introduced 1831 Cholera epidemic
1816-17 Harsh winter 1831 March: first reform bill introduced and
later rejected
1816 December: Spa fields meeting 1831 May: general election
1817 suspension of the Habeas corpus 1831 June: second reform bill introduced
1817 March: March of the Blanketeers which 1831 September: Second bill passed by the
led to the ban on large meetings house of commons
1817 June: Pentrich rising 1831 October: House of Lords rejects the
second bill, riots in several cities
1819 August: Peterloo massacre which led to 1831 December: Whig government introduce
the Six Acts third reform bill
1820 Cato street conspiracy 1832 May 7th: House of Lords' committee
rejected the bill, Whigs resigned
1820's Trade improved and popular protest 1832 May 14th: Wellington failed to form a
subsided government, Whigs return to power
1822-23 Promotion of Liberal Tories in the 1832 June: King persuaded Lords to pass the
government reform bill
1823-29 Import duties on many goods reduced 1832 poor law commission set up
1823 Gaols act 1833 Royal commission into the employment
of children in factories
1824 Repeal of the Combinations Acts 1833 Factory Act
1826 reform of the Penal Code 1833 first government grant for Education
1827 February: Lord Liverpool resigned 1833 reform of the church of Ireland
1827 April: Canning became PM which led to 1834 The poor law amendment act was
Wellington, Peel and others leaving the passed
1827 August: Canning died and Goderich 1834 February: Grand national Consolidated
became PM Trade union was launched.
1828 January: Goderich resigned and 1834 March: Tolpuddle Martyrs sentenced to
Wellington became PM transportation
1828 May: Huskisson and other Canningites 1834 December: Peel became PM of a
resigned from the cabinet Tory/Conservative government
1829 Metropolitan police force established 1835 April: Peel resigned and the Whigs
returned to government
1829 Catholic emancipation act passed 1835 Municipal Corporations act passed



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