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Name/Title What did they do?

King George III Been on the throne since 1760 and by 1815 was very ill, in 1811 he was declared unfit to govern after being found talking to trees at Windsor.
He later dies in 1820.

King George IV George had been prince regent since…

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'Oliver' the agent He infiltrated a group of discontented workers in Derbyshire and led them to believe that, if they rose up and marched on Nottingham, their
provocateur rising would be the start of a national rebellion. When they arrived in Nottingham the army arrested them and the leaders were…

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Francis Place a radical MP who campaigned to repeal the combination laws and thus make it legal to form trade unions. He argued it was safer to allow
working men to form unions and to bargain with their employers over wages and working conditions than it was for unions to…

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Lord Melbourne Was a Canningite tory and future PM. He became Home secretary in Grey's government. He was as tough as any home secretary in
Liverpool's government, he encouraged magistrates to give out harsh sentences in the swing riots, used troops where necessary and set up
special commissions to try…

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Edwin Chadwick He was a Utilitarian and friend of Jeremy Bentham. He was one of the two co-leaders in the Poor law commission set up in 1832 to
investigate and make recommendations for reform of the system. Once the Poor Law Amendment Act went through parliament, the
commission was used…

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Feargus O'connor A lawyer. He established the Northern Star newspaper in 1837, a widely read chartist journal. He was a powerful speaker, but accused of
being a rabble rouser for his violent language. He said education policies of other Chartists were a distraction from the cause. Organised 2nd
petition in…




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