GCSE Edexcel Coldwar notes

GCSE Edexcel Coldwar notes on the agreements and disagreements of the Germany split up

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Tom Lovick History 04/11/2009
Agreements and disagreements
Agreements Dissagreements
Germany was divided into four zones. each zone would be The new US president, Harry Truman tried to force the USSR
occupied by one of the four Allies, Great Britain, France, the to allow free elections in the countries of eastern Europe
USA and the USSR. which had been occupied after the end of the war. He said that
he wanted to `get tough with Russia'.
Berlin was divided into four sectors. Stalin was angry that the USA had not told him about the
atomic bomb which he knew that the USA had developed.
The Nazi Party would be dissolved. War criminals would be This was the beginning of the `Cold War'. In the next year
tried and punished. Stalin set up the Iron Curtain
There would be free elections in Germany, freedom of speech
and a free press.
Germany would pay reparations for the damage caused by the
war. Most of this would go to the USSR.
All the Allies agreed to take part in the United Nations.


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