Motivations and Incentives

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Motivations and incentives
What part did the following play in reasons for joining the 1st
Religious Zeal including appeal of Jerusalem: Material interests:
Supporters of Pope Gregory's Crusaders younger sons who wouldn't inherit family
Reform movement, areas in France Pope Urban land went ­ hoped to win land in the East
visited Search for wealth
Ultimate Pilgrimage. Free Jerusalem. Win Count Robert II of Flanders ­ Close connections
Count Raymond of Toulouse (later Raymond of with Constantinople. Father was a pilgrim to
Tripoli) ­ close supporter of Pope. 1st prince to join.
Jerusalem in 1089, close friendship with Alexios I.
Sold all his lands and took his wife and son with him Both his father and he helped Alexios. Reward
Bishop Adhemar Le Puy ­ close friend+keen Prince Bohemund of Toronto ­ Father invaded
supporter of pope. Representative of Pope on Byzantine Empire 1080s. Expected to gain Balkans
Crusade but invasion failed. Hoped to gain land in the East
Duke Godfrey of Bouillon ­ devout Christian, highly When Pope Urban called for 1st Crusade, he
effective warrior. Changed sides from Germany to described Jerusalem as "the land of milk and honey"
serve Pope
Pilgrimage to Holy Sepulchre
Genuine religious reasons ­ people sold land to go ­
evidence in charters
Social motivations: Political reasons:
Feudal system ­ If your lord/knight went so did you! Search for status
Search adventure, Glory, Status... Count Hugh of Vermandois ­ brother of King Phillip
Several years of poor drought+harvest 1090s of France. King had a dispute with the Pope (Urban
Lead to widespread outbreak of disease II) over committing adultery. Win back people's
Count Steven of Blois ­ wife Adela was deeply favour
religious so she made him go. He was devoted to her Duke Robert of Normandy ­ Always fighting with
so he went to please her even though he was not a his brother (King William II) keen to see Robert
very good soldier, highly educated and wrote poetry.

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Motivations and incentives
What part did the following play in reasons for joining the 1st
He prayed to God that he would return home to her leave, The king raised a special tax that made sure
safely that he kicked him out of England
Bishop Adhemar le Puy
Robert of Flanders…read more


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