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GCE History Unit 1H - Tsarist Russia, 1855­1917


The motives for the reforms of Alexander II, including the
emancipation of the serfs

Emancipation of the serfs
Military reforms
Local government reforms
Judicial reforms
Educational reforms
Censorship reforms
Economic reforms
Church reforms

Motives for Emancipation of…

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o Lacked initiative and training ­ poor soldiers

Undermined Russia's position as a Great Power ­ Alexander determined to not
let this happen again

His own father Nicholas I had maintained a reactionary and authoritarian
regime, yet he was unable to prevent emergence of a new ferment of social and…

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Motives for Judicial reforms
Abolition of Serfs meant that a new legal system had to be introduced in Russia
o Noble landowners no longer involved in delivering local justice
o The new peasant class had property rights unlike serfs

Motives for Educational reforms
Needed to educate Russians to `catch up…


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