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Stalin's "Socialism in One Country"
Collectivisation (1927- 1939)…read more

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What will we be covering?
· "Socialism in one country"
· Russian agriculture 1917- 1928
· Stalin's Collectivisation
· Collectivisation- economic and political policy?
· Collective Farms
· Economic Impacts
· Political Impacts
· Social Impacts
· Exam Questions…read more

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"Socialism in One Country"
· Stalin's ideology to sustain the revolution
· Consolidate the CPSU's rule and authority
· Turn USSR into a modern superpower which can
compete with the rest of the world; economically,
politically and militarily
· Improve Internal strength
· Ensure the survival of the Soviet Union
· Overcome its agricultural and industrial issues
· Focus on Industrialisation…read more

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Russian Agriculture 1917- 1928
· Land Decree
· War Communism
· Famine of 1921
· NEP…read more

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Russian Agriculture in 1928
· Many communists felt it was wrong that peasants owned own
· NEP- elements of capitalism
· More food needed to support industrialisation
· Kulaks
· Agriculture- inefficient and small scale
· Ideological argument inside party over NEP…read more

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Stalin's "Collectivisation"
Collectivisation was to reform the Russian agricultural system by
having a collection of huge farms, under STATE RULE.
Why did Stalin introduce Collectivisation?
· Soviet agriculture was backward
· Fuel industrialisation
· NEP-[ not working}
· Cash crops were needed
· Kulaks opposed Communism
· Achieve "SIOC"…read more

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