The Great Leap Forward - Communes/Collectivised Farming

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  • The Great Leap Forward 1958-1962
    • Communes/Collectivised Farming
    • Sparrowcide
      • Lysenkoism - the idea that by making a lot of noise, the sparrows could not land and would not eat the crops
        • However in turn, there were no birds to eat the insects, so they ate the crops instead
    • Mao got the idea of communes from a banner praising the merits of the people's commune in Henan Province
      • First commune (1958) - named Sputnik
    • Involved up to 2000 families
      • Plans for 10-20 thousand households
    • No private property
      • Houses, land, animals, equipment - state owned
    • Priority = state, not family
    • Family unit broken up
      • Women to work in the fields
      • Children to go to compulsory nurseries/schools - indoctrination and propaganda
    • Men and women were separated
      • No sexual relationships - publicly humiliated if caught
    • Military training everyday for peasants - national defence
    • Payment - food according to amount of work points
      • Moving towards a fully Communist system
    • Party Cadres - allocated tasks/in charge
    • Production declined due to low motivation
      • No freedom of speech for peasants. No incentives/extra benefits = demotivated
      • Mao's solution - to have communes compete against one another


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