OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset Reforms: New Liberalism and Gladstonian Liberalism

Differences between New and Gladstonian Liberalism

Where it came from

And Impacts

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New Liberalism and Gladstonian Liberalism
Gladstonian (Old)Liberalism
belief the state should intervene as little as possible in the workings of market forces
Belief that the state should not intervene in the provision of welfare as then people
would have no incentives to help themselves
Taxes should be as low as possible ­ people spend money as they please
Individual responsibility
monarchical rule
Poverty as a consequence of lax working class morality drunkenness and laziness
Not worried about national standard of living bad living standards resulted form
poor motivation
Main figure had wealthy upbringing
Poverty started to cause concern in relation to its effect on economic performance
Support from Nonconformers, Ireland, new model unions and newspapers from
outside London
New Liberalism
The state should intervene in the working of market forces in some situation
state should intervene in the welfare provision to the poorest members of the
national community and by doing so provide them with liberty
taxes should be raised ot pay for welfare schemes
collective responsibility
poverty a product of large family sizes, low wages, unemployment, illness, old age
and loss of primary wage earner in the family
wanted a national minimum standard of living conditions
Main figures held liberal ideologies and less conservative in nature despite wealth
Poverty in Britain was reflected on governmental policy and legislation passed to
improve the living standards
support from nonconformers, Ireland, new model unions, new newspapers form
outside London and the working class
Where it came from
Born out of Bismark's social reforms in Germany
Worries of national efficiency Boer War
Changing attitudes towards unemployment and poverty
Political rivalry conservatives started to introduce their own reform measures
Most w/c men could vote way of keeping labour supporters voting liberal
by 1911, liblab pact was starting to break up
Social Darwinismencouraged the belief that the stronger race
Social Reformers
Rowntree `Study of town life'
Charles Booth ­ `Life and labour f the people in London'
Beatrice Webb Poverty Cycle
All Helped with changing attitudes towards poverty

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