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Media convergence
The idea that a larger amount of the media is owned by a smaller number of people.
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Commercial media
Media paid for, owned by and controlled by advertisers and rich investors.
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Vertical integration
When a media company owns all different parts of the chain production. e.g scriptwriters, film studios, editing suites etc.
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What is self regulation?
The idea that media companies make sure that they don't break any ethics or rules themselves.
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Horizontal integration
When a large company owns a number of smaller companies on the same platform.
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What does IPSO stand for?
Independent Press Standards Organisation
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What does OfCom stand for?
Office of Communications
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What is insight social value groups?
A way of categorising audiences based on what they value and want from life.
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Media imperialism
The idea that a large media company in one country forces out smaller companies creating bias.
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What is narrowcasting?
When media companies recommend products specific people.
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What does IPTV stand for?
Internet Proxy Television
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What does NRS stand for?
National readership survey.
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What is the user and gratifications theory?
A way of categorising why consumers use a media product.
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What does BARB stand for?
British Audience Research Board
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Whats the difference between the IPSO and the NRS?
The IPSO are the print industries regulatory body whereas the NRS is a company that provides circulation figures and carries out research for print companies
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Commercial media


Media paid for, owned by and controlled by advertisers and rich investors.

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Vertical integration


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What is self regulation?


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Horizontal integration


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