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Tourism in Kenya
GCSE Geography Revision
Stephanie Smith…read more

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Where is Kenya?
· Kenya is in East Africa, receiving over 700,000
visitors a year.
· The capital City of the country is Nairobi, with
a population of around 30 million people.…read more

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Why do people visit Kenya?
· The climate and weather- daily, the sun rises at around 5:30 am
and sets at around 6:30pm. Many people come because the
weather, especially in the summer months, is more guaranteed,
predictable, and pleasant, in contrast to the weather in places
such as England.
· The beautiful scenery- an example includes the panoramic Rift
· Many people come to visit because it is the only country which is
bisected into 2 by the Equator.
· There are over 50 nature reserves.
· Cultural experience- many tourists come to visit the local tribes,
such as the Maasai to find out more about their lifestyle and
· Coastal holidays- the South-East of Kenya has fine sands, as well
as coral reefs, with spectacular marine life.…read more

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Why have tourist numbers in Kenya
· Kenya was one of the first LEDCs to achieve
mass tourism.
· There was a massive and rapid increase in the
1970s and 80s in the numbers of tourists. This
was mainly due to the release of films like
Born Free, and Out of Africa.
· The numbers of tourists have also increased as
the larger aircraft in the 1980s brought down
the prices of air travel.…read more

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What are the advantages of tourism to
· It encourages the building of new roads and better
communications, with the aim to benefit the tourists,
although it also benefits some of the local people;
· The jobs that are available in tourism have helped to
develop people's business skills;
· The tourism industry has create jobs all year round for
the Kenyan people;
· Tourism is Kenya's biggest earner of foreign exchange;
· Farming has been stimulated by tourism, by creating a
demand for local food from farmers;
· National parks have been created, which encourage
visitors to protect the environment.…read more

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What are the disadvantages of tourism
for Kenya?
· There is a leakage of income- a lot of the money that is
paid for the holidays are never actually reach the
Kenyan people- travel companies and foreign owned
hotels get it instead.
· The animals are often disturbed by the safari
minibuses, which often get too close. This can prevent
mating and making a kill. The buses can also cause soil
erosion as the wheels churn up the grass.
· Many tribes have bee forced out of the National Parks,
meaning they lose their land, as well as their
traditional lifestyles.…read more

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