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Why is it becoming hard to classify countries'
Every country is different and changes over time
Wealth doesn't mean a country is developed
Some countries have rich companies but poor population e.g. Venezuela and United
Arab Emirates
China has a Communist government but is quickly industrialising
The UK…

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High supply of primary products and countries try to compete and out pay each other
Social factors:
Poor water quality causes disease, debilitating people and preventing economic
Inadequate water supplies limit crop yields
A poor country finds it difficult to fund education for all children to a good level…

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Decent working conditions and no child labour
A social premium money to improve life in the community
A protection for the environment

Conservation Swaps and Debt Abolition: when a poorer country agrees to conserve natural
resources in exchange for writing off some of its debt. For example, Bolivia had $650,000…

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Type of Advantages in a donor country Disadvantages in a Advantages in a Disadvantages in a
aid donor country recipient country recipient country

Short People give willingly in a disaster Immediate help, lives Occasionally there is
term saved a failure to provide
Flow of aid may exactly what is

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The government invested a lot of money in education,
resulting in a high skilled work force
The government offered a low tax rate
High tech companies such as Dell and Microsoft set up in
Ireland in the 1990s

Bulgaria joined in 2007
$9,000 GDP per capita
It has the…

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Safety has been increased by putting pedestrian crossing on Clapham Road
A memorial garden has been created, honouring those who died in World War 2.

A Linx Project has been set up at the adult learning centre to lower unemployment particularly
in ethnic minority groups, such as giving career advice.…


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