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AQA Geography Unit 2…read more

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Reasons for growth in Tourism
People have more disposable income
Companies give more paid holidays
More leisure times
Travel has become cheaper
Greater awareness of holidays through advertisements
Improvement in transport-increased car ownership
Countries have gotten better at marketing themselves e.g. Africa
Many countries have invested in Infrastructure for tourism (hotels,shops, café etc)…read more

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People are attracted to People are attracted to People are attracted to
cities because of their: coastal areas: mountain areas:
· Culture (museums, art · Beaches · beautiful scenery
galleries) · swimming · walking
· Entertainment (bars, · snorkelling ·Climbing
restaurant, theatres) · fishing ·Skiing
· Shopping ·Water skiing · Snow boarding…read more

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Tourism creates jobs for local people
Increases income of other businesses that
supply the tourism industry e.g. farms that to
supply hotels.
Poorer countries tend to be more dependent
on tourism
Tourism in France generated 35 billion Euros
in 2006 and created 2 million jobs…read more

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· There were 32 million overseas visitors to Britain in 2008
· UK is popular because of it countryside, historic
landmarks, famous churches and cathedrals, museums,
castles and palaces.
Theatres and shopping.
· In 2007, tourism contributed £114 billion to the economy
and employed 1.4 million people.
Factors affecting the number of tourists in the UK:
· Weather-bad weather can discourage tourists form
visiting the UK
· World economy- times of recession people tend to cut
back on luxuries
·Exchange rate-values of the £ is different in different
countires; if it's low, then it's cheap.
·Terrorism and conflict-people less willing to visit affected
·Major events-big events attract huge numbers of people…read more

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Exploration - a small number of tourists
THE BUTLER MODEL visit the area. The area is unspoilt and
few tourist facilities exist.
Involvement - local people start to
provide some facilities for tourists. There
starts to become a recognised tourist
Development - the host country starts to
develop and advertise the area. The area
becomes recognised as a tourist destination.
Consolidation - the area continues to
attract tourists. The growth in tourist
numbers may not be a fast as before.
Some tensions develop between the host
and the tourists.
Stagnation - the facilities for the tourists
may decline as they become old and run
down. The numbers of tourists may decline
Rejuvenation - investment and
modernisation may occur which leads to
improvements and visitor numbers may
increase again.
Decline - if the resort is not rejuvenated
(stage 6) then it will go into decline.
Every Individual Deserves Cool Stuff Right People lose their jobs related to tourism.
Dude The image of the area suffers.…read more

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