AQA GCSE Geography A tourism revision notes

A set of revision notes for the forthcoming exam.

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Why has global tourism grown?
Growth in tourism?
Growth in tourism is explained by three main sets of
1. Social and economic factors
o People have a larger disposable income
o People have fewer children
o Most people have a car
o Most families have two
working parents
o People have become wealthier
2. Improvements in technology
o Quick, easy travel
o Flying is cheaper and can be booked online
3. Expansion of holiday choice
o Cheap package holidays available all over world
o Ecotourism
How important is tourism in different
The economic importance of tourism

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Essential jobs are created in all countries because of tourism, but the contribution this industry makes
to the GDP varies greatly between wealthier and poorer countries. Rich countries have a broadly
balanced economy, of which tourism is one part. On the other hand, in less developed countries
tourism is essential. In the Caribbean, for example, several small countries rely heavily off tourism to
provide national income and employment. Around 80% of Barbados's national income comes from
this business.…read more

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Exploration small numbers attracted by something particular: beaches, landscapes,
historical/cultural features.
2. Involvement locals see opportunities and starts to provide accommodation, food
transport etc.
3. Development Large companies build new infrastructure.
4. Consolidation Tourism is now a major part of local economy. Lots of visitors are coming
and employment is high. Now some hotels and facilities are becoming older and unattractive.
5. Stagnation The resort becomes unfashionable and fails.
6. Decline or rejuvenation
a. Decline: visitors prefer other places. Main income is from
day/weekend visitors.…read more

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Problems Solutions
Litter on beach People employed to clean beach
Dog free zone 1st May ­ 31st
Sewage facilities overloaded Updated and improved sewage
Treated sewage put into sea
3 European blue flags
Conflict between beach users Kidzone
Zoning for swimming
Rules for boats
Dogs on leads
Heavy congestion Park and ride
Advertise other places to disperse
Improving signing
Groynes have adverse effects on Beach replenishment: 700,000
coastline tonnes/3 years
Problems caused by short tourism season and competition from foreign
Problems…read more

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Why do so many
countries want mass tourism?
Advantages and disadvantages of mass tourism
Mass tourism involves large numbers of tourists coming to one destination. There is usually a
particular purpose and a particular type of location, such as skiing in s mountain resort or
sunbathing at a beach location. Many countries and regions want to develop mass tourism
because they believe it will bring many advantages.…read more

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Case study: Masai Mara in Kenya
Natural attractions Human attractions
Indian ocean coastline Wildlife parks on plateau
Stunning scenery Luxury accommodation(prosperous
Mount Kenya country)
Big 5 (elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino and Mombasa
leopard) Scuba diving and glass bottomed boat
On equator (hot) Peaceful (no recent civil wars)
Safari trips
Mountain treks
Positive and negative effects of tourism
Positive effects Negative effects
Environmental Income (entrance fees) pays for Reefs damaged from anchors,
management, conservation and people, divers
repairs Busses churn up ground/dust
Bamburi reclamation project…read more

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Farmers move closer to edge of
parks ­ elephants trample their
crops, lions eat their cattle
Environments wrecked from
new infrastructure
Water used ­ locals can't afford
Economic Economic improvement and Civil arrest ­ massacre on
trade deficit innocent tourists
Tribes benefit from tourism Car bomb in Mombasa made
taxes tourist levels drop
Multiplier effect Tribal violence in 2005 50%
Employment decrease in tourism
Jobs are seasonal, poorly paid,
low status, unskilled high paid
jobs go to outsiders
80% of hotels are owned by…read more

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What attracts people
to extreme environments?
Extreme environments
An extreme environment involves a dangerous landscape often with a difficult climate and places
that are sparsely settled and access to which is limited.
Reasons for visiting
Some people mike like to extend hobbies by visiting these environments as it gives them more of a
challenge. Some tourists might just be looking for something unique and different.…read more

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The impact of tourism on Antarctica
Strategies for coping with tourism in Antarctica
How can tourism become more sustainable?…read more

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The aims of ecotourism
Environmentally sound
Good for local people
Case study: Campi ya Kanzi Eco-Lodge
Environmentally sound
It has 50 types of mammals and 400 bird species as well as the
big five. The activities do not damage the environment e.g.
guided walking which is good because the guide can stop the
tourists disturbing the wildlife and the walking in itself is a gentle
activity. There's also a wide range of habitats including woodland,
grassland, bus, savannah, river etc.…read more



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