GCSE AQA Geography tourism revision powerpoint

Contains videos, audio files, screenshots of past exam questions, quizzes and all the information and case studies needed for AQA A GCSE Geography.

(The following case studies are included:

  • Tataquara lodge
  • Antarctica
  • Kenya

and Blackpool)

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GCSE Geography
AQA A Specification…read more

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Factors Affecting the Growth of Tourism
Social and Economic- More money and disposable income, More leisure time,
More car ownership, Increased life expectancy
Improvements in technology- Easier to book holiday (especially on internet),
quicker and easier travel
Expansion of holiday choice- More package holidays, More/new types of
attraction, Ecotourism/Unusual destinations expanding rapidly…read more

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Exam question on growth of tourism…read more

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Economic importance of tourism
Economic importance of tourism to GDP varies a lot
Look at tourism as a % of the economy rather than amount earnt from
Eg Barbados only earns $1,782 billion from tourism, while USA earn
$1,291,420 billion from tourism, however tourism makes up 46.6% of
Barbados' economy but only 8.8% of the USA's so tourism is more important
for Barbados(their economy would nearly halve without it) than the USA…read more

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Tourism and the multiplier effect
Tip for exams: give examples for each stage of the multiplier effect
Jobs will be created for local (eg more cleaners and people selling souvenirs will be required)…read more

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Multiplier effect exam question…read more

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