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Tourism Practise
and Answers
Why is the use of a single development measure such as GNP per head not a good way of
measuring a country's level of development?
As GNP only indicates the wealth of a country and doesn't paint a clear picture of living conditions in
a country as it doesn't mean that this wealth is evenly distributed for example in Equatorial Guinea
the GNI of the country is high however corrupt governments withhold most of this money whilst the
majority of the country is living in poverty at around 60p a day ­ misuse of the GNI budget can lead
to things like poor infrastructure as here poor roads mean that locals cannot access health care
easily and so have to travel by air travel by which time it may be too late. This also leads to poor
development of the country as less money is put into developing a good education system and so
the country will have low literacy and numeracy rates and have a lower earning potential and so
cannot be employed in higher paid service jobs and are 'stuck' in jobs in the primary industry. So in
order to get a clear insight into the living conditions and rate of development of a country we should
use HDI (human development index) which compares over 400 different indicators such as life
expectancy, doctors per 1000, infant mortality to come up with a ranking between 01, the UK is at
around 0.73 whilst Australia has the highest HDI at around 0.85.
Choose either a national park or coastal resort in the UK and explain why the area attracts
many tourists.
a) Elterwater ­ the lake district attracts many people due to the physical landscape on offer such as
the picturesque lakes and natural landscape of hills and greenery and the quite and peaceful
ambience as well as human resources which the national park offers such as jetskiing and a wide
range of water sort activities, fishing on the lakes, camping in Coniston is a popular option and
things like Beatrix potter in Grasmere all have social benefits which attract tourists. The national
park is easily accessible which reduces travel time here due to easy access via the M6 which leads
from Manchester to Glasgow containing 34 lanes which (socially) reduces congestion so more
time can be spent on leisure ­ this also attracts day trippers for areas such as Liverpool. The area
also provides a coastal views which is a physical resource which attracts many.
b) Cornwall ­ Newquay attracts many people due to it's physical features of white beaches and
blue seas as well as it's warm climate of around 18 degrees in the summer ­ it is actually one of
the warmest places in the UK. Its human resources include attractions such as the Eden project
which is responsible for bringing 1 in 8 visitors here, the surfing schools, golf courses as well as
cultural aspects such as the traditional Cornish pasties which socially attract tourists due to the
wide range of activities on offer. The beach has life guards on hand which attracts many families as
they are sure their children will be safe in the water here so don't have to concerned for their child's
safety. The coastal resort is easily accessible and tourists can travel here in a variety of ways such
as the night sleeper, the daily rail services, airports as Newquay and Plymouth as well as the M5 a
major motorway which leads here ( although there is only one lane here which leads to congestion.)
Two reasons why resorts may become less popular over time
­ It becomes to overcrowded and packed with people

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Rise in anti social behaviour such as in places like Whitby you have your drunk and
Why might tourists visit the coast of Kenya (2 marks)
The coastal areas of Kenya such as Mombasa provide primary resources such as seas and white
beaches as well as the equatorial climate of the country of around 27 degrees Celsius in the
summer months ­ coastal areas here offer holidays to visit the coral reefs here also which provides
social benefits for tourists to visit a precious…read more

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Why would mass tourism in Ecotourism places not be a good idea?
As ecotourism is meant to be done on a small scale to minimise the impact on the environment
and local people however mass tourism means increasing numbers of flights here which
increases levels of carbon dioxide emissions which contributes to air pollution as well as global
warming as this is a greenhouse gas. Whilst more people means more hotels, roads etc.…read more

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Tourism in the UK accounted for £85 billion 2007 and so in the event of a terrorist attack people
would stop coming here in fear for their safety which would result to a large loss in income from
here ­ like for example in Kenya in 2007 terrorist attacks in the capital Nairobi lead to western
governments warning their citizens to stay away so people went to nearby countries such as
Tanzania for their wildlife/safari holidays instead ­ these attacks led to a 87% decline…read more

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UK. The rise in sea
temperature could mean an increase in hurricanes if the temperature is above 27 degrees Celsius.
Also burning fossil fuels releases sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere which dissolves in water to
produce acid rain which can lower the pH of river water and damage aquatic life, as well as make
soils acidic and interfere with plant growth and damage building too.…read more


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