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Tourism Practise
and Answers

Why is the use of a single development measure such as GNP per head not a good way of
measuring a country's level of development?

As GNP only indicates the wealth of a country and doesn't paint a clear picture of living conditions in

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­ Rise in anti social behaviour such as in places like Whitby you have your drunk and

Why might tourists visit the coast of Kenya (2 marks)
The coastal areas of Kenya such as Mombasa provide primary resources such as seas and white
beaches as well as the equatorial…

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Why would mass tourism in Ecotourism places not be a good idea?
As ecotourism is meant to be done on a small scale to minimise the impact on the environment
and local people however mass tourism means increasing numbers of flights here which
increases levels of carbon dioxide emissions which…

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Tourism in the UK accounted for £85 billion 2007 and so in the event of a terrorist attack people
would stop coming here in fear for their safety which would result to a large loss in income from
here ­ like for example in Kenya in 2007 terrorist attacks in…

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to air pollution and global warming as this is a greenhouse gas which causes more of the suns rays
to be reradiated back to the earth causing a rise in the temperature of the earth which causes the
ice caps to melt and causes flooding in lowlying areas which could…


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