Revision notes on the film "Jaws" for English.

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This was directed by Steven Spielberg the world famous film
producer and director. The location of the film was set on the east
coast of America and tells the story of how a rouge shark
Terrorised the small seaside town on Amity Island. The film was
made and produced in 19741975 although the camera work was
not as sophisticated as modern films Spielberg gave the film an
overwhelming sense of doom.
The original novel written by Peter Benchley was made in to a very
successful film and released in 1975. Because of its popularity a
further three films were made using the jaws theme.
The date of the film was significant as the 4th of July is a holiday in
America. Amity Island with its good beaches and small seaside
shops and cafes was in ideal place for many hundreds of city
visitors to spend the day.
Near the start of the film there is a camera shot people at a beach
party. A boy and a girl decide to go for a moonlight swim. The girl
was first in to the water the next day her dead body was washed up
were she had last been seen. The towns police chief Broady
decided top close the beaches. The state of the corpse indicated it
was a shark attack. This did not please the mayor and other
important people they depend on the money the visitors spend as a
financial cushion during the winter months.
Spielberg used our feelings when he added the music to the film
the main theme when danger was about to strike seemed to have
the same beat as an emergency siren of the time. The music is
introduced very quietly we are almost unable to hear it. However it
builds to a crescendo as the shark gets closer to it's pray and then
silence after the shark has attacked people or their boats.

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The great white shark is usually founding warmer waters usually
off the Australian coast. It is a very powerful creature witch can
cause a great deal of damage to boats and people. One scene shows
the shark take some bait witch was attached to a strong chain it
pulled half the pier away. In several scenes the destruction of small
boats is shown.…read more


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