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Sicily, January 1848 Spring 1849

Sicily started off the violence that would start the first uprisings since the 1830s. They wanted independence from
Naples this wasn't about national unity.

In Palmero, the capital, in January, notices told of an intended revolution and arms were handed out. There were
clashes between…

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What was happening in Austria was very important. In March 1848, Revolution broke out in Vienna.
This meant that Lombardy, who wanted to be free of Austrian rule, decided now would be a good time to
rebel and try and gain independence while the Austrians were preoccupied! When Tuscany heard…

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Due to what happened in Sicily and Naples, the Pope promised a constitution. He became very liberal. The issue
came when Piedmont invaded Austria. The Pope did not want to fight Austria, but his army commander took some
men with him to help fight.

He made an Allocution. It said…


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