Is extinction an issue?

A powerpoint done as part of the philosophy section of my GCSE R.S course, on animal extinction and how humans contribute to the animal kingdom for the good and worse! There is information in the notes section as I made this to present to the class :)

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Is the Animal Kingdom in
By Lucy Morgan…read more

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Golden Toad
(Bufo periglenes)
· Abundant to Costa Rica
· Extinct from 1989 ­ not a single
one seen anywhere in world since
· Through drought and chytrid
fungus…read more

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Baiji Dolphin
· Commercial fishing
· Hunting…read more

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Iberian Lynx
(Lynx pardinus)
· world's most
endangered feline
· may soon become
first cat species to
become extinct for at
least 2,000 years
· Mainly from
decrease in prey…read more

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Is Extinction a Problem?
· Yes ­ animals help balance the Earth's chemicals
­ And some protect humans by being prey to our
predators also
· It may be a natural part of life but I think it should be
prevented…read more

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What can be done?…read more


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