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Golden Toad
(Bufo periglenes)
· Abundant to Costa Rica
· Extinct from 1989 ­ not a single
one seen anywhere in world since
· Through drought and chytrid
fungus…read more

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Baiji Dolphin
· Commercial fishing
· Hunting…read more

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Iberian Lynx
(Lynx pardinus)
· world's most
endangered feline
· may soon become
first cat species to
become extinct for at
least 2,000 years
· Mainly from
decrease in prey…read more

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Is Extinction a Problem?
· Yes ­ animals help balance the Earth's chemicals
­ And some protect humans by being prey to our
predators also
· It may be a natural part of life but I think it should be
prevented…read more

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What can be done?…read more


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