Animal Rights

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Animal Rights

Religious views on animal rights:


-  Humans have dominion over animals as they were created by god for human use

have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth

- However we are “stewards” and should therefore look after the animals God created for us. A human being may be worth many sparrows, but even a sparrow does not die unnoticed” - Matthew 10:29-31


- Allah gave humans dominion over the animas he created for us “it  is God who provided for you all manner of livestock” “satisfy your heart's desires.”

- However they beleive we are “stewards" to animals and we should treat them with care "Whoever is merciful even to a sparrow, Allah will be merciful to him on the day of Judgement."

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Animal Rights

Use of animals:

-     companionship, e.g. pets, guide dogs,

-    sport, transport and work,

-     experiments,

-     farming (including free range and factory farming),

-     zoos,

-     hunting,

-     bull fighting,

-    the fur and ivory trades,

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Animal Rights

Religious views on the use of animals:


- Animals for meat = yes -  “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you;” - Genesis 9:3.

- Sport = some believe it is aceptable ( god gave dominion) however most beleive it is not accaptable, (we are stewards.)

-  Experimentation = acceptable as long as it is limited ( lesser of two evils.)


- Animals for meat = yes -  “from some you may derive your food.” - Qur'an 40:79-80

- Sport = not acceptable, Allah will punish people who  treat animals badly.

- Experimentation = caging animals is forbidden, but experimentation is allowed for curing disease ( animals exist for the benefit of human beings.)

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Animal Rights

Religious responses:

-Assisi Declarations ( were leaders of six major religions met in Assisi, Italy in 1986 and statements about the welfare of the earth, including animal rights.)  

-Ohito Declaration ( world religious leaders issued spiritual principles in 1995 in Ohito, Japan. Including the need to treat the environment including animals with care. For sustainable environmentally friendly life to be a primary concern to all religions. And to respect nature with compassion.

-RSPCA ( is a practical response to prevent the extinction of animals. Started in 1824.)

-IFEES ( Islamic Foundation For Ecology And Environmental Sciences.)  Is a UK based charity wich maintains the Earth so it is a sustainable habitat for all living beings and aims to maintian the earth for future generations.( as a muslims resposibility.) Started in 1980s, they have created mass awareness, researched, caried out project developments so anyone can access the resources and inspire to bring about change.

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Animal Rights

Definitions of key words:

- Genetic modification - animal or plants wich have had there gentic makep altered by scientists.

- Cloning of animals -the scientific method by which animals can be replicated with exactly the same DNA as the origional.

- Animal Experimentation - testing on animals, either for medical or cosmetic purposes, to ensure the product is safe for use of humans.

- Animal exports - the selling of animals to other countries.

- Animal Rights - the belief that animals have a dignity just as humans do and should be given care and protection.

- Extinction - when all members of the same species habe died out and that species will never exist on earth again.

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Animal Rights

- Fur trade - business of farming or hunting animals for there fur to be made into clothing.

- vegitarian - beleif that animals should not be aten for meat.

- vegan - a person who will not consume or use any animal products.

- Factory farming - when animals are used for dairy or meat products but are kept indoors in very small paces.

- Free range - farming that aloows the animals to roam free and bahave natrually.

- Halal - ia a Muslim beleif were animals have to killed in a apinless way ( guide lines are in shariah law) muslims also dont eat pig.

- Kosher - is a Jewish beleif that dictates how animals must be slaughtered and eaten ( for instence no dairy or meat products should be combined and only fish with fins and scales may be eaten.)

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