AQA Religious Studies B Unit 2 Topic 1 Religion and Animal Rights

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Religion and Animal Rights Revision:

Humans are different to animals because:

  • We are more intelligent 
  • We have a sense of right and wrong (morality)
  • We have a concept of a soul and of a God

Humans and animals are similar because:

  • The theory of evolution + science prove that we are biologically similar
  • We have the same needs e.g. food, shelter and safety

The general religious beliefs (for most religions) are that:

  • Life is sacred (sanctity of life)
  • The world is God's creation, so we should protect and care for it.


Muslims believe that the world and everything in it belongs to Allah (God). They believe that humanity has been appointed 'trustee and protector of the world'. Therefore they must care for animals and treat them with respect. Animals must not be kept in limited spaces. Those who are cruel to animals will have to answer to Allah on the Day of Judgement for their actions. Muslims have rules on what animals they can and cannot eat ('halal' and 'haraam' animals). The animals that they eat have to be killed in a way that causes as little suffering as possible. However, humans are above animals and they have a life after death.


The key message of Jesus was love and compassion for others - some Christians say this applies to animals also. Christians also


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very detailed and useful notes.

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Really handy revision notes on animal rights.

Good for AQA as it states, but is can also be used for other exam boards like Edexcel- but always check your specification as you revise to make your revision simpler and more effective.