Religion and Animal Rights

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  • Religion and Animal Rights
    • List three ways that humans and animals are the same and three ways they are different.
      • Same:Communicate among species, form close bonds, memory. Different: Sight and senses, humans have broader emotional range. social hierarchy.
    • What is 'A Right':
      • A legal or moral entitlement to do or not to do something.
    • Give three reasons for and three reasons against animal testing:
      • For: All is done to prevent pain, big difference to peoples lives, scientific and educational benefits, only done when necessary.
      • Against: Isn't always successful, pain and suffering for animals, animals can't give consent.
    • What are Christian's, Hindu's and Muslim's views on whether animals have souls?
      • In Christianity and Islam, only humans have souls, in Hinduism all living things have souls (atman). All religions believe animals should be looked after though.
    • What is the status of animals in Christianity? What is OK and what is not?
      • Less valuable than humans, should still be respected, Stewardship, no soul. Not OK: Battery farming, abuse, hunting for sport. OK: Pets, ,meat eating, free-range.
    • What is the status of animals in Islam? What is OK and what is not?
      • Animals are inferior to man, still deserve respect, no souls. Not OK: Inhumane slaughter, makeup testing, sport killing. OK: Meat eating (Halal) Ethical testing.
    • What is the status of animals in Hinduism? What is OK and what is not?
      • Lower form rebirth, some animals are Gods, have souls.Not OK: Experimentation and meat eating. OK: Protecting from extinction, keeping pets.
    • Name three advances because of animal testing:
      • Diabetics benefited from insulin testing on dogs, leprosy drugs tested on armadillos in the 70s, heart valve replacement surgery developed on dogs in 1960.
    • Name 3 issues that happened because of animal testing:
      • Penicillin is deadly to guinea pigs and hamsters, aspirin causes birth defects on lab animals, Opren, arthritis drug was successful for animals but nor for humans.
    • What is the animals scientific procedures act?
      • 1986, project license, institution certificate and personal licenses required for all scientists involved. - More difficult to test on animals.
    • Give 3 for arguments and 3 against for farming and eating meat:
      • Protein, ethical meat available, part of the food chain. Against: Vegetarian health benefits, animals are tortured, bad factory conditions.
    • Give 3 for arguments and 3 against for zoos:
      • For: Saves animals from extinction, saves them being poached, educational. Against: Lack of space, away from natural habitat, very expensive money better spent.
    • Give 3 for arguments and 3 against for hunting:
      • For:Enjoyable and popular sport, population control, rapid death. Against: Orphaned animals, quick death is rare, causes extinction.
    • Give 3 for arguments and 3 against for animals sports and bullfighting:
      • For: Animals enjoy it, many sports are non violent, bullfighting is traditional/cultural. Against: Bull is injured dies slowly, racing dogs abandoned, animals living conditions bad.
    • Give 3 for arguments and 3 against for fur and ivory trade:
      • For: Fewer animals killed than meat industry, some peoples income, traditional heath medicines. Against: Unbalance of elephant gender as males have tusks, kept in appalling conditions, driven insane.
    • Give 3 for arguments and 3 against for work, transport and companionship animals.
      • For: Guide dogs improve quality of life, helpful for mental heath, used for centuries, Against: People abuse for fun, Some people cannot afford, bad conditions e.g. too much weight on back.
    • Briefly explain the process of cloning animals, and give a for and against argument:
      • Cell from adult animal to be clones inserted into empty egg cell, embryo implanted in mother.
      • Against: Many failed attempts, e.g. Dolly sheep (233), very expensive, no guarantee of personality.  For: can have clone of per after death, quality mass production of animals, help extinction.
    • Why clone and genetically modify animals?
      • produce animals and plants with special qualities, replace pets, repopulate endangered animals.
      • research diseases, industrial production, hypoallergenic animals, enhance food quality traits,  improve the animals disease resistance.
    • What are Christian and Islam views on cloning animals?
      • Christianity: It is OK, we 'rule over' animals. We have superiority.
      • Islam: Depends on the circumstances, not for human leisure.


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