Religion and science


Religion and science- Key words

Cosmology= Scientific study of origins of the world. 

Creationism= Belief that God created world.

Dominion= Rule over.

Environment= Our surroundings. 

Environmental issues= Concerns and topics about the environment.

Evolution= way in which we have changed and adapted over millions of years.

Humanity= Humans.

Myth= Story accepted as history.

Relationship= Connection between something.

Stewardship= Look after.

Survival of the fittest= Darwin's belief that fittest and adaptable survive and carry on. 

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Religion and science= Cosmology

Non-religious p.o.v= Big bang theory- evidence: red shift + cosmic radiation. Evolution + survival of the fittest= we have evolved from animals. PROBLEMS= If we came from evolution means Christian's are not special and not made 'in the image of God', if God 'cares about all of his creations' then why did the dinosaurs become extinct, there are fossils dating from millions of years ago at different times meaning the world was not created in 6 days. 


Creationism- God created world in 6 days and rested on 7th. Commanded 'let there be' and creations were 'all good'. We didn't come from evolution 'God formed man from the dust' and gave 'the breath of life'. 'The earth is the Lords and everything in it'. 

Liberal= 1) God created the Big Bang as he is omnipotent. 2) Creationism is symbolic the days could represent millions of years. Hebrew word for 'day' means long period. 

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Religion and science- People and animals

Animal testing: +'ve= saves lives, produced vaccinations and medicine, humans not harmed. -'ve= stem cell research now, animal cruelty. Thelidomide incident? 

  • For testing= Ppl are said to be more important than animals. have 'breath of life' so have soul animals don't, Human body is 'temple of the holy spirit' animals aren't, Humans are special and created 'in the image of God' animals weren't, humans are only species which make moral decisions animals don't have a conscience. 
  • For testing= 'Adam is allowed to name animals'= have control. 'Rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and every living creature of the ground'. 'Rule over' have dominion of Earth- do what they please with animals. 'Kill and eat'. 
  • Against testing= Christians are told to be 'stewards' and look after his creations. God 'cares for all of his creations' this includes animals. Some Christians are vegetarians. 'Do not murder'. 'Do not muzzle an ox' so don't mistreat animals, 'The Earth is the lords and everything in it'= so look after it to not disrespect God. God told Noah to save 2 of every animal as he cares for them. 
  • Against testing= God flooded the world when Man misused it= warning to Christians. 
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Religion and science- Environment

Environmental issues: climate change, pollution, global warming, deforestation. Christians will help by: recycling, buy fair trade goods, don't waste food, support Christian aid who are supporting third world countries or join green peace. 

Look after the world:

  • 'Dominion' can be interpreted as not misusing but ruling over.
  • 'The earth is the Lord's and everything in it'- be stewards.
  • 'God cares for all of his creations' 
  • 'Aren't two sparrows sold for one penny yet not one is forgotten by God'
  • 'He raised it up and set the balance'= balance of nature.

Islam= Everything is sacred, Khalifah's responsible of maintaining balance. One of the 5 pillars of Islam is that Zakat must be paid to help a charity. These can include; water aid. Ensure that no food is wasted. Hindu's= Nature is sacred and should be treated with respect. Vegetarian. 

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