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Natural World

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Problems and Causes

  • Global Warming - Humans - Drive less
  • Deforestation - Humans - Use less palm oil, cut down less tress
  • Sea Pollution - Humans, boats, oil, fishing
  • Natural Disasters - Global warming? - Reduce consequences
  • Extinction - Humans and nature, hunting - Protect animals
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  • sea levels have rose 10-20 cm in the 20th century
  • UK has 1% world population but produces 2.5% worlds carbon dioxide
  • One in four fish is thrown back into the sea dead!
  • Polars bears could vanish within 70 years
  • Everyday, species become extinct due to deforestation.
  • Between 7-20% of cancers are thought to be caused by pollution
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Different sorts of pollution

There are three main types;

  • Air
  • Land
  • Sea
  • Global warming
    • Carbon dioxide produced forms a barrier around the earth like the glass in a greenhouse.
  • Acid rain
    • Dangerous gases mix with rain to from acid. Can harm buildings, crops and animals.
  • Eutrophication
    • Fertilizers wash into rivers and lakes and makes plants grow which take oxygen from animals
  • Deforestation
  • Radio active
    • Power stations produce waste which can take millions of year to become safe.
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Things Designed to help the Natural World

Kyoto Protocol is an agreement to cut emissions by 15%

The EU has introduced fishing quotas to help declining fish populations

The congestion charge in London tackles congestion to reduce pollution

The green party is a political party which focuses on environmental issues

Green peace educate the public on how to be more green

Recycling can help reduce rubbish

Conservation of energy!

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Use or abuse of animals

  • Food
  • Pets
  • Medical
    • Drug Testing
    • Research
    • Cloning
  • Entertainment
    • Zoo
    • Circus
    • Hunting
  • Education
    • Zoo
    • Dissection
  • Clothes
    • Fur
    • Leather
    • swede
  • Cosmetic Testing
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Reasons for being a Vege

Cruel methods in farming

No need to eat meat

Less farmland needed for plants

Vege food is safe

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Religious Views- General

  • Responsibility- humans are accountable for the way in which they use the world
  • Stewardship- humans do not own the planet. They have the sacred right to look after it.
  • Creation- the world was created by God so should be respected.
  • Sanctity of Life- life is sacred and deserves respect, including animals.
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The Environment


  • Christian duty to conserve the earth for future generations
  • Urge the government to use resources fairly and reduce the effect of pollution
  • CAFOD, Christian aid etc. are involved with environmental issues as well
  • 'You made him ruler over the works of your hands'


  • Humans are part of nature, their actions make it what it is (good or bad).
  • Present world is result of selfish desires and actions in the past, change must happen
  • Metta, ahisma, karuna and understanding.
  • Example of the bee which takes nectar without harming the flower
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  • concerned about the rights of animals, they should be respected and God wants us to look after the world and its creations
  • 'so do not be afraid, you are worth much more than sparrows' - shows that eating animals is ok.
  • Some chose to be vege and say that animal experimentation is wrong as other methods are just as good.
  • Some are ok with it aslong animals are treated with respect.


  • Much of their teachings about environment is relevant.
  • Many are vege but down to own conscience
  • Regard many uses of animals as selfish and unacceptable
  • Five precepts point away from cruelty to animals
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