Religion and Science

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Some Christians agree with certain scientific theories, whereas others take the biblical account of creation literally.
Christians believe God created humans to be different from other animals.
One of the roles that humans have is STEWARDS where they aim o care for the world around them and use its resources responsibly. Christians respond
to environmental issues by trying to reduce the harm human behaviour may have on the world.
The relationship between Scientific and Religious Understanding of the Origins of the World
Everything that God makes has a purpose or reason for being. Genesis makes no mention of a Big Band or of EVOLUTION.
Some Christians literally believe the account in Genesis and that God has spoken directly and clearly to humans through his written word, the bible and it is
through FAITH that people should accept the truth that is contains.
Many Christians believe that science has correctly observed how the universe originated, and that the Bible provides a symbolic expression of the universe's
Religion and Science
The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang was formed as a result of a massive explosion. From this explosion all the GALAXIES were formed as the universe expanded. Several scientific
observations have supported the idea of the Big Bang theory.…read more

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Humans were created in the image of God with the possession of something similar to the characteristics of God.
Christians believe that human beings have been created to PRAISE and serve God and to enjoy God's company forever.
The Bible does not speak of any other created being as having the potential to have a relationship with God.…read more


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