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German Reformation 1500-1555

The Power and Importance of the Catholic Church in the Early 16th

People believed in hell and believed that the church would guide
them to heaven
Heaven and hell were communicated through images in the church
so that the illiterate people could understand the message too…

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Growing sense of nationalism in Germany
More grievances were being aired


Humanists were providing new weapons for the old campaign of
anti papalism due to distrust
They bought new issues with the church to people's attention
raising awareness for them
Wanted the church to be reformed from the inside…

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Indulgences were criticised as that if the Pope had the power to
forgive people, why would he, a Christian, only forgive those who
could afford to pay.
Luther believed that the Pope only had the power to confirm that
God forgave them rather than actually forgive them for God

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April 1518-Triennal Convention of his order. He tried to justify his
actions. Luther was well supported much to the Pope's
October 1518-Met Cardinal Cajetan in Augsburg. Cajetan tried to
make Luther realise the errors of his ways, but he ended up
threatening Luther.
July 1519-Leipzig Debate (formal Disputation) of…

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1520- Babylon Captivity of the Church-

Accused church of holding laity in captivity by distorting the 7
sacraments preventing them from going to heaven
Catholic Church over exaggerated what people needed to do to
get into heaven
Priests and no better than anyone else
Says marriage isn't a sacraments as…

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writings and refuse him food or shelter or else they would be
imprisoned and would lose their land.
The Pope's representatives wanted Luther to answer two
questions: did he write the pamphlets? And did he still stand by
his views?
Luther asked for time to consider his answers

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Material gain-when a prince became Lutheran, he
would take over the church land and use them for his
own purposes (sometimes it was used for good
reasons, e.g. Philip of Hess used it to build a hospital
for the poor)
The princes sovereign powers would be expanded as he

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clear failure to find and common ground, leading them
to believe that the only solution would be war. The
Protestants had tried to persuade the Catholics that
Lutheranism wasn't so different from Catholicism and
it tried to agree with the Catholics. This angered
Luther as it was too agreeing with…

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and North Italy. Turks take Rhodes and advance
on Balkans
Diet of Speyer and the Protestation
1529-Charles V was in a battle with French.
Turks besiege Vienne.
Protestants take Wurttemberg 1534-6-Charles
takes Tunis and Francis I invades North Italy.
1541-3-Charles V failed to take Algiers. French
attack in alliance with…

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as it was 1544 and by then it was too late to
compromise. This was because Protestants had had
time to become devoted Protestants.
He set himself unobtainable goals: it was too late by
1540s for Lutheranism to be destroyed as it had had
enough time to become established. Charles…




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