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Food Handling notes for GCSE AQA Food Tech.

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Food Handling
People working in the food industry need a good knowledge and
understanding of how food is produced safely.
Key starting point = high level of personal hygiene
What is good personal hygiene?
1) Wear clean protective clothing e.g. overalls, hair net and/or hat, shoes.
2) Tie hair back and cover with hair net or hat.
3) Clean hands before touching food ­ use antibacterial wash & hot water.
Antibacterial bacteria hating substance that will usually kill bacteria.
4) Cover all cuts with a blue waterproof dressing.
5) Keep fingernails short & scrubbed without nail varnish.
6) Remove all jewellery i.e. rings, watches, earrings.
7) Wear disposable gloves (usually blue), if possible before touching food.
8) Don't chew or smoke near food.
9) Don't touch ears, nose or hair when handling food.
10) Report any illness i.e. sickness, diarrhoea, cold or flu to a supervisor
(This is a legal requirement).
Good kitchen hygiene
1) Keep different food preparation areas for different foods i.e. high risk ­
fish & meat, medium risk ­ veg & meat pies, low risk ­ potatoes & jam.
This prevents cross contamination.
2) Colour coded equipment i.e. knives & chopping boards to prevent cross
contamination. Must only be used for specified foods & cleaned
immediately after use.
Red ­ Raw meat
Blue ­ Fish
Green ­ Fruit & veg
Yellow ­ Cooked meats
3) Good facilities for cleaning & waste disposal.
4) Equipment & work areas kept in good condition i.e. stainless steel sinks,
regular removal of waste.
5) Methods for preventing insect contamination i.e. fly screens.
What are risks to food safety after buying a product?
Production run occurs in food production in a factory. At each stage of making
there are checks in place to ensure a good quality final product and safe to eat.
The checks are quality controls and hazard checks.


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