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GCSE Catering

The Industry-Food and Drink

Residential (provide accommodation and food) Non ­ residential (provide just food)
B&B Fast food
Hotels Restaurants
Guest houses Cafe's

Contract caterers:
Provide food and drink for organisations such as businesses, schools and hospitals. Contract
caterers are used to provide the food for functions…

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Hiring staff
Full-time Part-time Seasonal
1. Permanent job 1. work on set days of the 1. work for specific functions
2. have a contract that states week and events, such as they
their work hours, heir pay 2. they do fewer hours a week are hired for weddings
and their…

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-don't try catch a falling knife
Hot equipment -care when using to avoid burns/scalds
-take care when moving/lifting heavy pans
-turn pan handles towards back of cooker
-do not use wet cloths for hot pans
-do not fill fryers above indicator level
Don't put wet foods into fryers
-lower food…

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Wear nail varnish, false nails or jewellery
Smoke, eat or drink around the food
Cough or sneeze over food
Work when suffering from upset stomach, sickness or diarrhoea

HACCP; Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point:
This is a process which assesses each stage of food manufacture and identifies where a risk…

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Fat burns -seek medical help immediately
Falls -if serious, do not move patient but seek medical help
-if not so serious, allow patient to move to a sitting position slowly
-if patient feels faint, put head between knees
-check for other injuries

The Environmental Health Officer enforces hygiene, health…

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Low risk foods- low in moisture, low in protein, high in fat eg lard, butter, hard cheese etc

Type Food which causes it? Symptoms How long it lasts for?
Salmonella Eggs Vomiting 12 ­ 36 hours
Raw meat Fever
Milk Diarrhoea
Stomach ache
Listeria Soft cheese All of the above…

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Coulis = sauce made from fruit or vegetable puree
Croutons =cubes of bread that are fried or grilled
En croute = in pastry
Entree = main course
Flambé = to cook with a flame to burn away the alcohol
Garnish = served as part of the main item, trimmings

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Nutritive value Calcium, fat, protein

· Eggs are a protein food that are acceptable by many vegetarians
· They can be cooked in a variety of ways e.g. boiled, fried, scrambled,
poached, used in omelettes, and a range of other dishes such as quiche,
· Eggs can be…


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Very useful set of notes on catering for any course, not just WJEC.

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