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17561763 Seven Years War
1774 Louis XVI accession to throne
1778 France entered American War of
17811787 Economic Crisis
1788 Declaration of Bankruptcy
5th May 1789 Meeting of EstatesGeneral
17th June 1789 Proclamation of National Assembly
20th June 1789 Tennis Court Oath
23rd June 1789 Three estates…

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19th November 1792 Decree of Fraternity
21st January 1793 Execution of Louis XVI
1st February 1793 War declared on Britain + Dutch Repub.
10th March 1793 Revolutionary Tribunal established
11th March 1793 Revolt in Vendée
6th April 1793 CPS created
2nd June 1793 Girondin deputies purged
24th June 1793 New…

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5th May 1805 Forced abdication of King of Spain ­ Start
of Peninsular War
22nd June 1812 Invasion of Russia
18th June 1815 Battle of Waterloo


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