French Revolution Timeline 1756 - 1815

Timeline detalining the most important events pertaining to the French Revolution in the years 1756-1815 for AS history.

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Date Event
17561763 Seven Years War
1774 Louis XVI accession to throne
1778 France entered American War of
17811787 Economic Crisis
1788 Declaration of Bankruptcy
5th May 1789 Meeting of EstatesGeneral
17th June 1789 Proclamation of National Assembly
20th June 1789 Tennis Court Oath
23rd June 1789 Three estates ordered to separate
27th June 1789 Union of three estates
10th July 1789 Formation of citizens' militia
11th July 1789 Necker dismissed
14th July 1789 Storming of Bastille
20th July 1789 Great Fear
4th August 1789 August Decrees passed
26th August 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and the
5th6th October 1789 October Days
2nd November 1789 Nationalisation of Church land
21st May 1790 Creation of Paris Sections
12th July 1790 Civil Constitution of the Clergy
16th August 1790 Reorganisation of judiciary
2nd March 1791 Dissolution of Guilds
14th June 1791 Le Chapelier Law
20th June 1791 Flight to Varennes
17th July 1791 Champ de Mars massacre
14th September 1791 Louis XVI accepted new constitution
9th November 1791 Decree against émigrés
12th November 1791 Louis vetoed Decree against émigrés
March 1792 Guillotine adopted for all public executions
27th May 1792 Decree against Refractory Priests
17th July 1793 Final abolition of Feudalism in France
27th August 1791 Declaration of Pillnitz
20th April 1792 War declared on Austria
13th June 1792 Prussia declared war on France
10th August 1792 Overthrow of Monarchy
19th August 1792 Invasion of N. France by Prussians
20th August 1792 Capture of Longwy
2nd6th September 1792 September Massacres
22nd September 1792 Proclamation of Republic
6th November 1792 Battle of Jemappes

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21st January 1793 Execution of Louis XVI
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