Italian Unification Timeline

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The Unification of Italy timeline
1796 Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Italy
1807 Garibaldi born
1808 Louis Napoleon born
1811 Cavour born
1815 Napoleon defeated at waterloo
Congress of Vienna
Restored monarchs began to return to their states eg- Victor Emmanuel I
1820-1 Revolutions in Naples, Sicily and Piedmont-Sardinia
1820 King Ferdinand agrees to constitution
1821 Battle of Novara
Victor Emmanuel I abdicated
1823 Piedmont no longer occupied by Austrian Army
1830 July Fighting in the streets of Paris led Charles X to abdicate
1831 Mazzini founded `Young Italy'
Garibaldi met Mazzini and became a nationalist
Charles Albert became King of Piedmont
1831-3 Revolutions in Papal States, Parma
1833 Garibaldi sentenced to death (unsuccessful revolutionary plans in
1846 Pius IX elected as Pope
1847 Il Risorgimento founded by Cavour
1848-9 Revolutions in Sicily, Rome, Tuscany, Lombardy, Venetia
1848 Cavour elected to the Piedmontese parliament
February 8 Charles Albert issued the Statuto
March 13 Fall of Metternich
March 23 Charles Albert declared war on Austria
July 24 Charles Albert defeated at Battle of Custoza
November Pius flees to Naples
Garibaldi returned from S. America
1849 February Roman Republic founded
March 23 Charles Albert defeated at the Battle of Novara
March Charles Albert abdicated; succeeded by Victor Emmanuel II
June Roman Republic fell
July 3 Rome fell to French forces
August Venetia surrendered to Austria
1850 April 12 Pope returned to Rome
1852 Cavour became Prime Minister
December Louis Napoleon became Emperor Napoleon III
1854-6 The Crimean War
1856 Congress of Paris
1858 January Orsini tried but failed to assassinated Napoleon III
July 21 Cavour and Louis Napoleon met at Plombières
1859 January Victor Emmanuel's `grido di dolore' speech
January Arrangements made at Plombières were finalised, with some changes

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March Cavour mobilised Piedmontese army
April 29 France and Piedmont went to war with Austria
June 4 The battle of Magenta
June 24 The battle of Solferino
July 11 Truce at Villafranca
July Cavour resigned
November Treaty of Zurich
1860 Napoleon III gained Nice and Savoy for France (Treaty of Turin)
January Cavour resumed the premiership of Piedmont
May 11 Garibaldi arrived in Sicily
May Garibaldi's conquest of southern Italy
September Garibaldi takes Naples
October Plebiscites in Naples, Sicily, Umbria and Papal States vote for…read more


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