Crimean War Timeline

AS Crimean war timeline

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Crimean War Timeline
1848 - European revolution.
1853 - June - Anglo - French naval action.
November 30th - Turkish fleet destroyed by Russians at the Battle of
1854 - May - British Army arrive at Varna.
Autumn - Mary Seacole is rejected to become one of Nightingales nurses.
October 12th - Times fund set up.
October 24th - Thin red line held.
October 24th-25th - Battle of Balaclava.
October 25th - The Charge of the Light Brigade
October - November - Huge storms hit the Crimea.
November 5th - Battle of Inkerman.
November 5th - Florence Nightingale arrives at Scutari
1854 - 1855 Appalling winter in the Crimea.
1855 - March 6th - Sanitary commission arrives at Scutari.
March 8th - Roger Fenton arrives at Balaclava.
Spring - Mary Seacole creates her British Hotel.
June 28th - Lord Raglan dies.
September 9th - Siege of Sebastopol ends in victory.
November 29th - Nightingale Fund set up.
Autumn - McNeill-Tulloch report published.
1856 - March 30th - Treaty of Paris signed.
April - Army Board of Enquiry into McNeill-Tulloch report.
1857 - First Victoria Crosses given out.
1860 - Nightingale Training School for Nurses created.
1868 - Gladstone becomes Prime minister.
1870 - Civil service entry exams created for most offices.
1870 - 1871 Cardwell army reforms set out.


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