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Partly a result of the first world war
Hugh Trevor-Roper: An "ill-assorted hodge-podge of ideas"
Is it an ideology?
It lacks coherence
(It stands against more things than it stands for)
Core Values
"think with the blood" ­ Mussolini
Emotion and instinct not intellect ­ anti-rationalism/anti- intellectualism
o Led to book burning
Rejected Jewish science
o Anti-capitalism- Jewish conspiracy
o Anti-communism
o Anti-conservatism
o Anti-liberal- fails to produce strong leadership
o Anti-sematic ­ Nazis
o Anti-class struggle
o Anti-bourgeois
Humans are motivated by glory and heroism, not greed
Political myths- myth of the super-race "Aryans" led to eugenics
programme and the final solution, survival of the fittest (social
Myth of the superman ­ vlsemensch ­ overlord
Cult of personality- rise above the herd
o Hitler & Mussolini
o Furher & Il Duehe
The leader interprets the `general will' of the people, the purpose of the
human encohnee is to give expression to a `high force' of vitallism
Action not talk ­ Mussolini
Intellectualism spurned
Nihchistic ­ rejection of moral principles
Freedom = unquestioning submission
Democracy = absolute dictatorship
Progress = struggle & war (create destruction) ­ war creates a new
Organic state- innate loyalties & emotional formed by a common past
National community ­ Volksgemeinschaft
All rivalries subordinated to a higher collective purpose
No privacy
Strength through unity- Fasces (Roman), bundle of sticks emblem
Myth of new man ­ hero motivated by duty, honour, self-sacrifice
Myth of milenaisonism- the dawn of a new millennium
o New roman empire
o The third Reich

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Fascist thinkers
Giovanni Gentile (1875- 1944)
Rejected individualism
"The individual has no meaning outside the state"
Ghost wrote Mussolini's book
"Everything is for the state, nothing is against the state, nothing outside
the state"
Links to organic state- shared heritage/culture
Benito Mussolini (1853- 1945)
Founding father
o Nationalism- pride
o Corporatism- The third way
1927- 22 corporations
1923- replaced on chamber in plt with the chamber of fasces
& corporations
o Expansionism
Abassynian campaign
o Public works programmes
o Cult…read more

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Light Vs Darkness
o Final solution
o Social Darwinism
o Lebensraum ­ expansionism
Oswald Spengler ­ (1880-1936)
"Decline of the west"
Capitalism will collapse undermined by greed
Arthur de Gobineau (1816-82) & Houston Chamberlain (1855 ­ 1927)
Race a key influenced on civilization
o Nazism
o Romanian fascism
o Lebanese ""
o Croatian Ustase ­ fascism
o Nazi T4 programme & the final solution
Contemporary Fascism
More concerned with the `enemy within' than war
NF (national front)
o 1970's + 80's…read more

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Against mass immigration
o The enemy within
Golden Dawn
2010- 5.…read more

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Stormtroopers `God is with me'
General Franceo- 1892-1975
General in Spanish army
Put down a miners strike in 1927
Became chief of staff 1936
Fought against the popular front
1934 Falange party formed
o Nationalist
o Sought glory of Spanish empire
o Unity
o Corporatism
o Organic state
o Anti-Marxist
o Anti-capitalist
But­ pro Spanish monarchy in exile
Did not join Hitler's axis powers
1947- Franco passed a law to make him head of state for life
Groups in the UK
The League…read more

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Great set of notes on major themes of historic and current Fascist movements 

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