Ecologism Questions, Mark Scheme (Indicative Content) and Examiner's Reports

This document contains all the questions on ecologism from January 2010 to January 2012. In italics are the comments from the examiners, taken from Edexcel's Examiner's Reports. The indicative content has been condensed into bullet points. This should exhibit exactly what an examiner is looking for in an A2 Unit 4B answer.

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Ecologism Exam Questions

January 2010

There were only a small number of entries for this unit. The standard of the responses was variable, however.
In many cases, candidates had not been appropriately prepared to deal effectively with the issues addressed.
Giving the cross-cutting nature of the ideologies studied in Unit…

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Distinguish between anthropocentrism and ecocentrism.

Very few candidates who attempted this question did not have at least a basic grasp of the two terms, generally
associating the former with human interests and the latter with the interests of the wider ecosystem. However,
only the better responses were able to provide…

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o United in emphasising the vital relationship between humankind and nature, accepting
that humankind will only survive and thrive if it respects ecological principles of
harmony and equilibrium
o Diverse ideology that applies the principle of ecology in different ways, cutting across a
range of other ideological traditions

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Anarchists distaste for materialism and consumerism influenced post-materialism of many
forms of ecologism

`The goals of ecologism can only be achieved through radical social change'. Discuss.

There were a small number of very effective answers to this question that recognised that ecologism is a broad
ideological tradition that embraces quite…

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`Shallow' ­ seek to reconcile anthropocentrism and ecologism: associated with sustainability and
conservation (see also eco-socialism/eco-anarchism)
`Deep' ­ reject all forms. Associated with biocentric equality, diversity, decentralisation
Need for paradigm shift, implies commitment to ecocentrism and radical holism (eco-feminists)

January 2012

In view of the small entry for this unit…


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