Nationalism: Exam Questions, Mark Schemes (Indicative Content) and Examiner's Reports

From January 2010 to January 2012, there have been two nationalism questions on the paper. These all appear in this document alongside a condensed mark scheme and examiner's comments in italics (NB: There are no question-specific comments for the January 2010 paper)

All content has been taken from the Edexcel website.

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Nationalism Exam Questions

January 2010

Distinguish between nationalism and racialism

o Belief that nation is central principle of political organisation
o Nation is collection of people bound together
o Humankind is naturally divided into discrete nations
o Nation is the most appropriate/only legitimate unit of political rule ­ self-determination…

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This is a question requires an effective definition of the nation state, and grounds from more than one type of
Nation-state: form of political organisation and political ideal
As a political organisation it is characterised by overlapping bonds of citizenship and nationality
Borders of the state coincide with boundaries…

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part, by racial factors. Some candidates also failed to explain why the two terms are often confused, sometimes
merely stating that this happens because of the existence of so-called `nation-states'.

o Cultural entity
o Defined subjectively by members through existence of patriotism/national consciousness
o Political entity
o Political…

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Explain the key features of conservative nationalism.

Weak responses to this question sometimes provided an account of nationalism, failing to highlight a specifically
conservative approach to nationalism. Alternatively, weaker responses focused on conservatism and tended to
ignore the nationalism aspect of the question, writing, for instance, about issues such as…


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