"The Core Ideas & Values associated with Fascism are ALIEN to British Political Tradition." Discuss


This question is demanding you to use the WEST MINSTER MODEL OF THE UK (AS).

This entails that the British political system is:

  • Constitutional
  • Cultural
  • Cohesive
  • Plural
  • Democratic 

The opposite of Fascist core ideas and values. 

However, this question is demanding that you give two sides of views, so there must be some argument that doesn't follow suit with the question statement. If you can showcase this you will be showing signs of grades B upwards. 

The best way to get your head around this question is to relate the Westminster Model of the UK with Fascist themes/core values. 

1. Anti-Rationalism/intellectualism

  • In the UK, there is great support for rationalism/intellectualism
  • Universities and schools are helped and run by the government which proves this 
  • In Fascism, there is a rejection of liberal democray, which the UK doesn't uphold to. 
  • Instinct and impulses are praised more in Fascism rather than reason.
  • Use the example of women in Nazi Germany being influenced to stay at home and create families for future "soldiers" rather than go to school/univerisities to further their wisdom and intellect. 
  • "Sword over pen, gun over paper." 

2. Racialism 

  • The UK's political system is not based on the supremacy of a single race - we are a multicultural country, with rights and values upholded by different…


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