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Types of Anarchists

Collectivist anarchists


Dominant form of anarchism
Mikhail Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Elisee Reclus and Enrico Malatesta ­
presented an alternative to socialism and Marsxism
Anarcho-communism proposed dissolving the state ­ either by violent or
peaceful means ­ and replacing it with small-scale communes or
federations of…

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Josiah Warren asserted that any form of social organization was a denial of
individual sovereignty.
Josiah Warren and Benjamin Tucker proposed replacing the existing
system with cooperative capitalism.
The state would cease to exist and all individuals would be freed from
obedience to any laws.
Individuals should exchange goods and…

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He believed that people should live in small, self-governing communities.
As long as the exploitation of workers, peasants and consumers was
removed, he argued, people could live in harmony without the need for a
coercive state.

Most syndicalist proposed the overthrow of capitalism by workers and
peasants and the…

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- Society is in - Free societies - The human race - Capitalism
general a denial of enable individuals needs to return to without the state
individualism to achieve true simpler forms of intervention gives
freedom social organization maximum scope to
the individual
- Individuals - Economic - Individuals -…


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