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Ways to promote equality and
diversity for employees.
· Taking on all people from a range of
backgrounds, race, sex, marital status, sexual
orientation etc.
· Time/room to pray.
· Equal Opportunities Policy.
· Training for all staff.…read more

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What are the 4 different policies
workplaces should have put in place.
· Equal Opportunities Policy.
· Harassment.
· Victimisation.
· Bullying.…read more

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What are the early year care values?
· Working with professionals.
· Anti discrimination.
· Safe environment.
· Confidentiality.
· Equality of opportunity.
· Valuing diversity.
· Safety of child.
· Welfare of child.
· Partnership with parents.
· Learning and development.…read more

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Identify 3 agents of socialisation
which may influence a persons
cultural norms
· Family.
· Friends.
· Media.
· Education.
· Country.…read more

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What might have influences the
attitudes and prejudices that we
develop as a child
· Stereotypes.
· Role models.
· Self esteem.
· Media.
· Gender.
· If you have been discriminated against.
· Parents telling/influencing their child
· health…read more

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Sam Morran

A good example of how to use exam questions to help focus your revision.

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