Health and social - Promoting Quality Care Revision

Powerpoint covers pretty much everything for the exam;

  • strengths, weakness and kep points of the acts - Sex Discrimination Act 1975 , Race Relations Act 1976 , The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, The mental health act 1983, The children Act 1989 and the Equality act 2010
  • commisioning bodys
  • Typical exam questions with answers
  • Physical, financial, cultural and language,georgraphical and psycological barriers
  • indirect and direct examples
  • social policy - including the policy statement, implementation plan, aspects of the plan, monitoring the policy, evaluating the policy and target settings
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AS Unit 1 ­ promoting quality care
Typical exam
questions with
Strengths and answers Indirect & direct examples
weakness and key
points of the acts
Financial, physiological,
·The Race relations
What will be cultural and language,
act 1976
covered in the geographical and physical
·Sex Discrimination PowerPoint? barrier examples
Act 1975
·The Disability
Discrimination Act
·The mental health The Children Act
Social policies
act 1983
Equality Act 2010…read more

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Physical barrier
Examples related to a health and social care setting;
· 1.An elderly service user is in a wheelchair and has an
appointment with his GP. However when he arrives he notices
that their are only lifts adapted in the premises. This is a
physical barrier as their is no way he can make it to the
reception by accessing the stairs.
· 2. A young disabled woman is in a wheelchair and would like
to go to the shopping mall as a day out with their carers.
However their are no ramps to the entrance of the shopping
centre. This becomes a physical barrier as she cannot access
the building.
· 3. A family planning centre only have unisex toilets in their
premises the service user who is waiting and needs to use the
facilities is put off by them so physically this will stop her
wanting to access the toilets.…read more

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Psychological barrier
Examples related to a health and social care setting;
· 1. Steven is 30 years old and has been diagnosed with
HIV, he must go to his consultant to discuss his
treatment. Physiologically he may not want to go as he
feels he will be judged by the patients which will stop him
from going.
· 2. A 79 year old is to be transmitted into a residential
home but has refused to go as she feels she will become
too dependant on other people. This makes her feel as
though she will lose respect from her family members
and friends as she isn't coping. This then becomes a
psychological barrier as she doesn't want to go to the
residential home due to judgments but knows that they
cannot cope alone at home.
· 3. A service user is due to have her next check up at the
dentist, however she has of fear of going so never attends
her check ups. This is a psychological barrier as it is
affecting the way the service user feels towards going to
the dentist.…read more

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Financial barrier
Examples related to a health and social care setting;
· 1. A young woman has had severe chest pains during the
night. She cannot get to her local hospital as financially she
doesn't have the money to travel there, because of this her
treatment of getting checked is now delayed.
· 2. A young man needs to access his local dentist urgently as
his braces have broken and he needs to get them re-fitted.
However their are no NHS dentists in his local area and
financially he cannot afford to go to a private one.
· 3. A service user has regularly contact with their Childs GP as
they are disabled and needs constant check ups regularly.
However both of them are on a low wage and cannot
financially afford to keep taking their child to and from the
hospital and haven't got enough money to provide their
child with a new wheelchair or any new treatment the
hospital offers them.…read more

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Cultural and language barriers
Examples related to a health and social care setting;
· 1. A young girl is admitted into hospital but has a fear of
communicating with any males. If their are no female
nurses present in the hospital this will stop her from
getting her treatment and the care she needs. This
becomes a communicational barrier due to the sex of the
doctor. This may will be because she isn't very familiar
with male doctors and doesn't want to change her
routine. This makes it hard for males to communicate
with her.
· 2. A 34 year old male has got bipolar disorder and he
becomes all confused at time. He find it hard to
communicate with the workers in the hospital due to him
speaking another language than them. This becomes a
communication and language barrier as the nurses
cannot assess his health if they cannot use any form of
communication with him.
· 3. Culture can cause a clash between a black woman and
a white woman this is because they have different
cultures so they share different views and opinion in
which they both wouldn't agree on this can cause a
cultural barrier due to ethnicity and cultural differences.…read more

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Geographical locations barrier
· 1. Two service users are the sex couple and live within
a run down estate. Due to where they live and their
gender they feel if they was to go to a family planning
centre to get access to contraception they will be
judged for being in the same sex relationship.
· 2. A young man needs to go to the hospital for an x-ray
but due to them living out of town, they have no local
hospitals that are in their local area for them to access.
This means that if something severe was wrong he
wouldn't have any knowledge of this because he
wouldn't be able to make it to the x-ray.
· 3. A 40 year old woman suffers with dementia and
needs to go to her local GP for an update in her
medication. This becomes a geographical barrier as
she's living in a rural area and the facilities are very
limited, which means she hasn't access to go to her
local GP which causes her health to gradually get
worse.…read more

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