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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
Advantages and disadvantages of owning a range of food preparation and
cooking equipment
The following information will be included:
The outline of equipment ­ how it works/what it does
How does this equipment help save time/money? (Advantages) and
Examples of an individual or household whom this equipment would be
particularly useful for.
Preparation Equipment
Outline of equipment: Food Liquidisers/Blenders
A food blender in the kitchen is very versatile and is a very easy appliance to use it has
many uses such as blending soups, sauces and pureeing baby food etc. Blenders are
made up of a motor unit, a jug with a lid to contain the contents and a small spinning
blade at the bottom of the appliance. The majority of blenders have a capacity ranging
from 1 to 2 litres. Most blenders usually have 2 speeds in which it can be operated to.
How do Food Liquidisers/Blenders What are the disadvantages of using
save time/money? (Advantages) Food Liquidisers/Blenders?
Very easy to use, involves only pressing a Powered by electricity, raises the price of
button. electric bills if used a lot.
If there is not a jar of baby food in the Food Liquidisers/Blenders can be very
house then vegetables can be blended noisy.
into puree which contains vitamins and
minerals from fresh vegetables, arguably
more healthy/nutritious.
It saves physical effort put into preparation The appliance can be hard to clean also
of food for a meal e.g. whisking or there is a danger when cleaning due to the
chopping. Therefore saving time and sharp blades.
getting the meal prepared and cooked
Has the possibility of reducing Repetitive There is the factor of overcutting, blending,
Strain Injury (RSI) for example, with chopping, grating food.
chopping, slicing, dicing the same action
is used for what could be a very long time
and so the appliance does this for you.
Reduces money that would otherwise be There may be difficulty in storage of the
spent on kitchen utensils such as knives appliance.
and getting them sharpened.
When using the appliance you do not have
much control especially if you forget to put
the lid on the blender which then would run
the risk of getting food everywhere.

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
This appliance would be useful for families as looking after kids is a big job and trying to
keep them entertained whilst cooking meals may prove difficult. The appliance can be
utilised to prepare the food ready for the preparation of a meal, this reduces the time
spent physically chopping etc. Then the time doing that job has become easier and is
then prepared for use in a meal etc.…read more

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
Outline of equipment: Smoothie Maker
A smoothie maker is a kitchen appliance which like a blender chops the food in the
jug/container, however one difference is that a smoothie maker blends it and then can
be released into a container of your choice to enjoy the smoothie through the use of a
tap.…read more

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
energy levels and a boost for the immune early before work, which may wake others
system. in the house up.
A smoothie maker would be useful for a health conscious person as the benefits can be
obtained from just drinking one smoothie a day for a while. Also could be useful for
people with a career in the healthcare sector as they are constantly in close contact with
people and so this will boost their immune system.…read more

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
Cooking Equipment
Outline of equipment: A cooker
A cooker usually is made up of components these being: an oven, a hob and a grill.
Some cookers have two ovens, one large main oven and a top oven. Generally cookers
run off electricity or gas. Cookers can be under a work surface or freestanding.…read more

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
cook a ready meal this may apply to certain individuals more than others. For example,
a nurse or doctors who do a lot of shift work as it is quick and easy to cook and eat on
the go usually.
Outline of equipment: Microwave Oven
Microwave ovens are very useful and are used in defrosting, heating and cooking food
and even frozen ready meals.…read more

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
Successful foods can be cooked by the
utilisation of a microwave oven such as
ready meals, vegetables with a little bit of
liquid in, takeaway meals can be
reheated, meat can be defrosted etc.
A Microwave Oven will be suitable for everyone as it is a quick easy constant
temperature appliance. This would suit those always on the go particularly those who
do night shifts e.g. work in nightclubs or nursing etc.…read more

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module
bulk out a meal and also help the children to grow, develop and give everyone a boost
to their immune system. Considering the vitamins and minerals this would also be useful
for those on shift work particularly those in healthcare who can boost their immune
system and help protect against getting a bacterial/viral infection etc.
Outline of equipment: Toaster
Toasters are used to heat bread using infrared radiation.…read more


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