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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a range of food preparation and
cooking equipment
The following information will be included:
The outline of equipment ­ how it works/what it does

How does this equipment help save time/money? (Advantages) and

Examples of an individual or household…

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

This appliance would be useful for families as looking after kids is a big job and trying to
keep them entertained whilst cooking meals may prove difficult. The appliance can be
utilised to prepare the food ready for the preparation of a meal, this reduces…

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

Outline of equipment: Smoothie Maker
A smoothie maker is a kitchen appliance which like a blender chops the food in the
jug/container, however one difference is that a smoothie maker blends it and then can
be released into a container of your choice to enjoy…

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

energy levels and a boost for the immune early before work, which may wake others
system. in the house up.
A smoothie maker would be useful for a health conscious person as the benefits can be
obtained from just drinking one smoothie a day for…

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

Cooking Equipment
Outline of equipment: A cooker
A cooker usually is made up of components these being: an oven, a hob and a grill.
Some cookers have two ovens, one large main oven and a top oven. Generally cookers
run off electricity or gas. Cookers…

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

cook a ready meal this may apply to certain individuals more than others. For example,
a nurse or doctors who do a lot of shift work as it is quick and easy to cook and eat on
the go usually.

Outline of equipment: Microwave Oven…

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

Successful foods can be cooked by the
utilisation of a microwave oven such as
ready meals, vegetables with a little bit of
liquid in, takeaway meals can be
reheated, meat can be defrosted etc.
A Microwave Oven will be suitable for everyone as it is…

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Food Preparation and Equipment Module

bulk out a meal and also help the children to grow, develop and give everyone a boost
to their immune system. Considering the vitamins and minerals this would also be useful
for those on shift work particularly those in healthcare who can boost their immune…


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