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Energy security


Why is energy security a problem for the world?

Energy supply, demand and security

Investigate the different types of energy, classification and their impacts.

What is the distribution of energy resources?

What are the trends in global energy and demand?

Why is energy security rising?…

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+ No nuclear waste.
Threat to animals

Damage rivers.
Pollute waters, flood forests and give off greenhouse gases.
¼ of human methane produced.
Large amount of areas flooded, large areas of vegetation drowned by lake decays which produce methane and CO2.

Tidal power
Barrages built to harness tidal power.…

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No CO2 is released.
No safety when storing resources.
Chernobyl/Sendai, Japan nuclear disasters.
Difficulty in processing.


Biomass and biofuels emit carbon dioxide when combusted, however, they reabsorb the carbon dioxide when
they are regrown making them `carbon neutral'.

Examiner's tip: you need to be able to compare…

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China has become a low-cost producer of solar photovoltaic cells, which generate electricity from sunlight. As more and more PV
cells are produced, the price will fall and this could mean potential access for poorer countries will increase.

What is the distribution of energy resources?

What are the trends in…

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Case study: California, USA

In June 2000 and May 2001, California suffered energy crisis- price instability and major blackouts.

Lowest per capita energy consumption is due to the mild weather.
It has 16% of USA's oil reserves but only 3% of the gas reserves.
It produces 5% of the USA's…

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What are energy pathways?
Energy must flow along international pathways from producer to consumer.

This either through, bulk carriers, LNG tankers or oil tankers. Electricity can also be imported and exported.

Pathways can be disrupted, increasing energy insecurity pipelines:

The Eastern Siberian Pacific Ocean oil pipeline
The East Siberian Pacific…

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What are the risks of the distribution of energy?

What are the tensions, costs and conflicts of energy insecurity?

The Arctic
Examiner's tips: know the issues surrounding the exploitation of one technically difficult area and one unconventional source
(e.g. tar sands).

The region contains 30% of the world's undiscovered natural…

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claimed by any country. The submission will further assert that Canada owns the Lombroso's Ridge. Currently, each of the countries
have 200 nautical miles as territory and Canada wishes to extend this by about half a million square miles.

Greenpeace believes any country is rushing for oil at a time…

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China's energy future
China's companies have been getting support and guidance.

China is attempting to protect its oil imports in the Middle East:

I. Closer ties with Burma
II. Expanding naval sources in Bangladesh.
III. Investing in other sources.

What are the costs and benefits of exploiting an area for…

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2. Anadarko- they have installed a 100 million test well 60km off the coast of Otago Peninsula, at the bottom of the
Canterbury Basin and this was in order to test the effectiveness and efficiency of oil exploitation. This was further developed by
producing further wells by the company.






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